5 Great Ways to Improve your Discord Server

5 Great Ways to Improve your Discord Server

Running a discord server can be a lot of fun. It is a great way to connect with your friends and catch up, all in one place. If you are someone that plays games, then having a Discord server with your fellow gaming team is a must-have. It can be annoying to update everyone individually and so having everyone in the same place make a lot of sense. Discord also has a lot of features that you can use to improve your overall user experience, but many people do not know about them. Here are 5 great ways to improve your discord server.

1 – Make Custom Emojis

If you and your friends have had a lot of funny or iconic moments, there is no better way to celebrate them than using custom emojis. Custom emojis add a lot of fun to your discord server, as they can be used as reactions to inside jokes only you and your friends know about. You can make just about any image into an emoji, so why not transform your friend’s faces into one of the many meme-emoji formats that are out there.

2 – Introduce Bots

Not a lot of people know that you can actually set up bots on your discord server. Have you ever been in a particularly quiet call and you wish that you had some sort of background music playing to cut the silence? Well, Discord has a lot of bots that are dedicated to playing all of the music you love, you simply need to add a song to the queue and wait for your turn. There are also bots that remind you of whose birthday it is and any upcoming events that you may need to know the date for.

3 – Set Roles

Discord has this cool feature where you can set roles in the server. This can be used in a serious way if you are using a server that requires the users to know their dedicated roles, or it can be used as a fun joke. You can set it so that certain roles have more control of the server than others, which is especially useful if you have a large sum of people on your server. You can also just use the roles to set fun nicknames and give a bit more life to your server.

4 – Make Separate Channels

This is something that is extremely useful if your discord channel has a lot of people and a lot of different categories. Say you want a place where people can talk and discuss their favorite music, you could set up a channel for that. You can also grant specific access to these channels, which is good if you have some important things that you want to discuss and you do not want just anyone joining that particular voice chat. Channels are a great way to keep everything organised, as general chats can get quite busy and a lot of people may hold separate conversations at the same time.

5 – Introduce Fun Plugins

Something that you may not know is that you can get a lot of plugins for discord. One of the most popular plugins that you can get is a voice changer for discord. By using this plugin, you can completely transform your voice during voice calls to make it sound like you are someone completely different. This plugin has been very popular among D and D Discord servers, as the dungeon master can use it to transform his voice into different characters for the role-play sessions.

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9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is also Now a field, which is essential because the first computer was built in the 1930s. We have seen numerous AI applications in our lives on both technical and social issues over the years, but a large proportion is still unknown to the majority of people in this increasingly growing sector.

We are going to go through nine things you didn’t even know regarding artificial intelligence which might influence your life now.

Turing test & Its Importance

Are you ever wondering why all CAPTCHAs need to be identified? In 1950, Sir Alan Turing conceived a test to see if the user is a machine or a person. While this simple test was flawed in nature, we have developed a reasonably easy mechanism to counter various scripts which use AI concepts to support the individual behind its hands. This is a basic test.

So while it may be annoying to resolve CAPTCHAs for a minute, it helps check your humanity.

Artificial Networks of Neural will be the Future

Artificial intelligence, in its heart, seeks to mimic and surpass human behavior, but we’d need to replicate the human mind to achieve it. Neural networks also push the usage by enabling us to utilize and implement the concepts that control the human brain in our everyday lives.

Neural artificial networks are extensive links in order to determine, based on the specified criteria, to bind or step into the network operating on the principles of artificial intelligence. These networks will assist us here in developing medical research, market infrastructure, even automated vehicle design.

AIs Can Beat You in Human-Made Games

Modern AIs have also been beating us for that for a time at our games, from resolving a Rubik’s cube in just 0.39 seconds to battling the Strategy Game World Champion Go. Elon Musk’s OpenAI succeeded in defeating some of the world’s Best DOTA 2 teams, a sport renowned for its high-level talent and profound difficulty.

It is just a time for AIs to study us sufficiently to beat us on everything that needs intuition and profound thought. Many AIs have also succeeded in beating chess grandmasters and champions.

AIs Can Help to Restore Damaged and Vintage Photos

NVIDIA has built an AI which utilizes an “image painting” method to restore damaged images successfully. These pictures can contain complete holes, ripped off from one side, or some pixels are sometimes missing. The qualified AI, which has supplied thousands of photos, analyses the picture and adds pixels into the destroyed region automatically.

Besides adding pixels, hundreds of free AI applications are available online and therefore can color vintage images. These AIs will colorize the photographs of your grandparents in a couple of seconds through deep learning, recognizing color patterns, and supplying significant quantities of visual data.

AIs Can Help to Fight Cancer

Computers are making an enormous contribution throughout the medical sector and are growing regularly. The war against cancer has become a bloody one, but we recognize and finally eradicate its influence by computers with continuous technological advances.

In their early phases, AIs formed through collaboration between the San Francisco University and the University of Surrey could identify symptoms of cancer.

Such AIs have also been supplied to tens of thousands of accounts of people suffering from this lethal disease and can estimate its most probable patients to grow cancer cells. This enables physicians to begin their treatment on the basis of the outcomes of their patients.

AIs Can Help Create Art

Even though computers cannot think originally, they unquestionably come even close to it. In popular media, it is normal to portray AI in science fiction as fully self-aware beings.

AI has proved its worth creating outstanding works of art, music, and literature. A group of Rutgers University researchers in New Jersey & Facebook’s California AI laboratory have been able to build an updated version of a generative adversarial network, an artificial neural network. It continually checks different inputs so that something special is created. Around 81500 paintings were created to produce art pieces that are indistinguishable from the work of leading artists—this extremely strong AI.

Websites to create royalty-free music are also on the increase because AIs create complete music & melodies that content designers can use in their videos at no cost.

AI Can Predict Earthquake

Whereas the general understanding of AIs would be that robots are soon going to work or take charge of the planet, AIs are more beneficial and can avoid natural disaster harm.

The National Research Center for Earthquake Engineering under the NARLabs has created a machine-based learning AI which can predict the scale of upstream quakes in 3 seconds in full.

The feeding of data from many historical events, and the identification of P-waves, makes this possible. In essence, AIs potentially save lives instead of assuming they’ll take them in the future.

AI can Track The Roots 

The AI concept conjures up for so many of us pictures of robots and other anthropomorphic devices that both think and understand and humane can. Some of the Greek myths, like the gold Hephaestus robots, are seen as a concept for a machine-man. In addition, medieval alchemy myths pointed to the human brain being placed in inanimate objects. Some religions adoring physical statues often claim the statues have the mind and emotions of man.

Autonomous Vehicles Have AI

The production of independent vehicles or vehicles that can pilot themselves has become one of the main technological developments in transportation in recent years. Without all of the high technology in AI today, new vehicles such as Google’s driverless cars and some independent drones will not be possible.

Final Words

It could be argued that everything around us becomes automated throughout the coming years, and our dependence on AIs is tenfold higher. Although some may be alarming, the advantages, implementation, and usability still succeed in errors.

We’ve not been discussing several AI programs that you possibly use before you even realize that a program decides for you. AI’s are also the world’s future, the tech industry, from social media to banking.

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8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World

Artificial intelligence and its related innovations promise to make the world in which we live reality but seeing how relevant those are now, and you do not have to focus on the future. Probably, deep learning has always been the most extraordinary development in AI to date, but technology is trying to make the world nicer.

In this article, we have jotted down some great ways in which AI is transforming the world to become more advanced. So read and find out.

Helping Doctors To Determine People Suffering from Lung Cancer

The second most prevalent category of cancer in the US is lung cancer, and that one of the four most common causes of this disease within the UK. It is often one of the hardest to manage because, in the initial stages, there are indeed no apparent signs, meaning that life expectancies are less than several other types of cancer, however, after surgery.

Researchers from the Case Western Reservation University in Cleveland and researchers with six different institutions have introduced a new AI model that determines which patients with lung cancer also are benefitting from its new treatment known as immunotherapy in order to assist doctors in treating the disease more efficiently.

Though immunotherapy is indeed an advancement in the treatment of cancer, it also has one of the most costly features and is better at preventing lung cancer that has several characteristics. This learning algorithm predicts the efficacy of therapy so doctors could ensure that it would be used for the most appropriate patients and protect everyone else from inefficient and costly therapies.

In 2019, scientists from Chinese Henan University had merged two deep learning models to assess whether a patient has Alzheimer’s, which results in 97 percent sensitivity and 88 percent precision.

“The benefits of the model proposed are that if the neuroimaging diagnoses are combined with the clinical evaluation of the neuropsychology,” they said. “Diagnosis is closer to it and easier to follow the diagnosis method of the clinician.”

Locating Victims of Human Trafficking 

The second Alert is indeed an Horacio Canales AI-Tool designed to help locate people around the world who are missing, like people trafficking in human beings and children who are too young to recall the names of their families. The tool was created to provide consumers access to details about missing individuals from every other Web browser – like his age, name, and date of disappearing. The information is available from a single browser.

The second Alert collects data from official missing relevant documents worldwide and evaluates data provided to classify them. Users may also send a photo of the individual concerned as well as the app reviews their servers for matches and details for the picture.

Discovering Nazca lines Geoglyph 

In Japan, scientists throughout the Nazca Linux region of Peru worked closely with IBM to develop their machine learning algorithm. The IBM Japan and Yamagata University had manually found 142 geoglyphs within the former site over a decade and created a deep-learning algorithm for scanning ten years of data to detect more geoglyphs than now the scientists had skipped.

The achievement of the AI project led to a joint agreement between IBM and Yamagata University that could transform the way archeological project works are carried out all over the world.

Identifying Fraudulent Payments

One of the advantages of advancement in technology would be that it empowers offenders to organize more complex crimes. IBM continues to fight against security and crime during a progressively cashless world with another deep learning platform, IBM Safer Pays.

The profound learning model of IBM processes thousands of transactions per second with such a latent rate of fewer than five milliseconds and incredibly small false-positive results. It helps human analysts to identify trends and establish new defense procedures in fraud patterns. More than 600 million consumer accounts and five million trading accounts are currently being used throughout the world for security.

Helping in Tracking of White Sharks

One of its most common software suppliers of customer relationships tools is Salesforce. The company created its very own suite of machine learning software called Einstein to help companies more efficiently handle their sales activities.

However, this does not turn out to be the most they can do.

Researchers from the Einstein department of the organization have teamed up to create an AI model that can monitor white sharks with UC Santa Barbara’s Benioff Ocean Initiative.

The profound learning method analyzes “huge amounts” of video data from drones. Therefore the algorithm is able to draw insights in such a shorter period of time, mostly from more extensive collections of images, instead of spending one hour watching an hour video. It can now differentiate between various types of sharks, new sharks and have already recorded sharks and recognize non-shark items such as kelp & driftwood in forms close to that of a shark. They’re harmful/harmless for humans.

Help Understand Angina

In 2019, in-depth education helped MIT scientists discover that perhaps the signs of angina should be the same for women and men within the healthcare sector. The results are based on a long-accepted myth that both women and men have different circumstances and can lead to better care for all patients.

Giving Advice for Signing of Agreements of Software License

We sign license agreements for social networks, tech applications, and all sorts of sites regularly in today’s digital era. But how many of us read the terms and conditions of the endless list of digital services we are subscribing to, fully knowing very well?

Fortunately, DoNotPay – an AI robot lawyer company – has designed a new strategy that enables consumers to understand what license agreements they are signing up to.

Helping Botanists to Analyze Structure of Plants 

As the global climate crisis, as well as extreme weather events, increase, it becomes more and more transparent which our approaches to energy, food production as well as other meaningful life have to be re-examined. Unfortunately, in most of these areas – including how climate change will affect plants as well as rare species – there is still a lack of scientific insight to facilitate efficient adjustments.

Over time, scientists use AI to speed up analysis so that they get the information they will need to take informed measures.

An increasing majority of scientists use 3D laser scanning to evaluate the effect of environmental influences on plants to document the whole Structure as well as the adequate information of plants in such a manner that 2D pictures cannot correspond. This information will then be fed into databases, which could be processed much quicker than previously available by deep learning models.

This pace benefit may be critical in combating climate change.

So these are some of the great ways in which AI is helping to transform the world. There are other great advantages of using AI, and therefore it can be concluded that AI will be the future.

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Space Exploration

In recent times, artificial intelligence has waived so that we can solve problems more quickly than conventional computing will ever permit. Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary DeepMind has recently created AlphaFold2, for instance, to solve the problem of protein folding. It’s a mystery that scientists have been puzzled for 50 years.

AI advances have helped us, and are not limited to applications on this planet, to move on in all types of disciplines. Here are just a couple of ways artificial intelligence can enable us to move deeper into space, from developing missions to clearing the Earth’s junk orbit.

Astronaut Assistants

Do you recall Tars and Case, the Interstellar film’s assistant robots? Although these robots are not yet available for actual space flights, researchers work towards some kind of this, building intelligent helpers to support astronauts. These AI assistants may be extremely useful for space exploration even though they don’t look as fantastic as it is in the movies.

A newly developed virtual wizard could detect hazards from longer space missions, including changes to the atmosphere of a spacecraft – including such increased carbon dioxide – or a sensor defect that might potentially cause harm. The crew will then be warned of inspection recommendations.

In December 2019, an AI assistant named Cimon flew to an ISS where he was being checked for three years. Cimon can eventually be used to relieve tension by astronauts in carrying out the tasks they request. NASA also develops an astronaut friend, known as Robonaut, on the ISS, who works with or is taking on tasks too dangerous for the astronauts.

Mission Planning and Design

Planning a Mars mission is not even an easy job, although it can be simpler with artificial intelligence. Traditionally, new space missions depend on previous studies of science. This information can, though, sometimes not be completely available or restricted.

This implies that the flow of technical knowledge is limited by who could really access and share it with other engineers. And what if anybody with authority had access to all knowledge from almost all past space missions in a few clicks. One day, a smarter framework could be installed to support the early planning and design of new space missions – close to Wikipedia but using artificial intelligence that answers complicated requests with accurate and relevant data.

Research teams are working on the concept of an assistant design technician to reduce the time it takes to start the task that otherwise requires several hours of human labor. “Daphne” is another smart example of an Earth-watching device design assistant. In satellite design teams, Daphne is being used by system engineers. It facilitates the work by providing access to information and input, and responses to specific queries.

Processing of Satellite Data 

Satellites of earth observation produce huge quantities of data. This is obtained over a wide duration by ground stations in chunks and must be arranged together before analysis. While some crowdsourcing projects have also been carried out on small scales to conduct simple satellite imagery analysis, artificial intelligence will go to our rescue for comprehensive analysis of satellite data.

AI was very successful in smart processing also for the sheer volume of data collected. It was used to measure urban heat storage and also to combine weather data with satellite imagery to calculate wind speed. Among several other applications, AI also contributed to the calculation of solar radiation utilizing geostationary satellite data.

AI for data acquisition could also be used for the satellites themself. In recent studies, researchers analyzed different AI techniques for just a remote satellite health monitoring system. This can be used to analyze satellite data to identify issues, forecast the output of satellite wellbeing & provide a visualization of informed decision-making.

Space Debris

Anyone who is facing space debris is among the greatest obstacles in the 21st century. There are almost 34000 objects larger than 10cm, as per ESA, that represent significant threats to existing space infrastructure. Some creative approaches are available to address the threat, such as developing satellites to reintegrate the earth’s environment if they have been deployed in the region of low Earth’s orbit that fully disrupts them.

Another way is to avoid potential space collisions, thereby preventing any debris from being created. Researchers have recently created a system for designing collision avoidance maneuvers using ML techniques.

Another new method would be to use Earth’s huge computer power to train ML models, move them on-orbit or even on the way to spacecraft, and use them for different decision-making on board. One approach to ensure the safety of space flights has also been recently suggested by the use of already trained spacecraft networks. This makes satellite architecture more flexible while minimizing the risk of orbit collision.

Navigation Systems

On Earth, we were using instruments like Google Maps that use GPS and other systems of navigation. However, as of now, there really is no such scheme for other alien bodies.

We have really no satellite navigation around Mars or Moon, but we can take millions of images from observational satellites like the Lunar Recognition Orbiter. An intelligent navigation system using AI was developed by a team of NASA researchers in 2018, in partnership with Intel, to explore planets. The model was trained by the million photographs available from different missions as well as a virtual Moon map was developed.

Final Words

We will also continue to pursue ambitious missions in the cosmos to accommodate our natural curiosity and enhance the lives of mankind on Earth. In our efforts, artificial intelligence will allow us to explore both on Earth and in space. AI will change the future of space research and planning. It will enhance the working process and modify the space systems to its best. Therefore we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence is of great importance for space exploration and will change its face of working.

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