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A JABS’ specialized business unit whose commitment is to help you finding the right tool that suit your needs, from basic financial calculators to complex analysis software, to help you to make better decisions.

Our broad product diversity has been chosen carefully for diverse needs, from General Use solutions like determining car payments, to specific and complex tools like Neural Networks.

In addition we offer helpful Online Tools for many needs and requirements, such as e-collect, e-charts, calculators and data sources.

If you have a designed Add-In, Model or MBAware and you need to sell it or share your experience, tell us and we’ll help you put your tool on our web site. You’ll also have special discounts to buy add-ins, models or MBAwares.

If you need more information on how to make an Add-in, Model or use MBAwares, enter our Learning section and you’ll find books and e-books that will help you.

Explore our web site and you’ll find the solution you need, or if you don’t find it, tell us and we’ll provide customized help to find the right tool for your problem.

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JABS is a company specialized in providing financial advisory services, Consultancy Projects Implementation of Integrated Systems Management, Project Development, Web and Microsoft Office, and Development of Management Dashboards for viewing information.

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