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  Stock Analyzer Plus    

Stock Analyzer Plus

Price: US$35.95 

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What is this Product?

All-In-One Stock Analysis Tool
Customizable and Easy to Use, Save You Time Research Stocks Online
You can benefit immediately from huge stock research link library

One-click access to your favorite stock site

Display signal chart, glance chart, detail chart, capture and analyze any chart on the fly

Download free historical quotes

Cover mutual funds, ETFs, and many countries' stock market

Our proprietary "super trend index" indicator tell you when to buy and when not to buy


1. One-Click Access
Quickly switch between 7 browsers, each browser can have up to 8 quick links,
the quick link can be customized to point to your favorite stock site, you can simply
double-click on quick link or double-click on stock symbol in watch list to display related stock info quickly

2. Advanced Charting Tool
Display trend, buy/sell signals, display many charts in one page for quick and easy comparison

3. Chart Analyzer
You can capture and analyze any chart on the fly, don't need print and draw on paper any more!

4. Market Map
You can define your own market map, to display 100's stocks movement in one page

5. Browser Watch
You can use one-click to access stock info quickly even without adding them to watchlist

6. Historical Quote Download
You can download up to 10 years free historical quote, save monthly bill for your quote data

7. Watchlist Operation
You can perform logic operation between two watchlists, e.g. find common stock...

8. ReadWeb
You can use software to get all symbols from webpage, and then save to a watchlist
You don't have to type in stock symbols one by one any more!

9. Customize Link Library
Setup your own link library, use your favorite link for one-click access, save time!

10. Customize Tab and Quick-Links
Everything is customizable
The default setting is for US stocks, it can be customized to your own country's stock market

11. Signal Chart
Display buy/sell signals on chart, help you evaluate trading strategy before committing real money

12. Super Trend Index
This is our proprietary indicator, it tells you when to buy and when not to buy

Sample Charts
Mutual Fund - Fidelity Balanced Fund

I will also include following 30 technical analysis indicators, FREE!
1. Overlay Analysis

Bollinger Bands
Price Envelope
Price Channels

2. Price Analysis

Balance of Power
MACD & Histogram
Relative Strength Index
Stochastics Indicator
Ultimate Oscillator
Williams' %R

3. Volume Analysis

Chaikin Money Flow
Ease of Movement
Elders Force Index
Money Flow Index
Positive Volume Index
Negative Volume Index
Price Volume Trend
Volume Accumulation
On Balance Volume
Up/Down Volume Ratio

4. Volatility & Trend Analysis

Average True Range
Bollinger Bands Width
Chaikin Volatility Index
Avg Directional Move
Commodity Channel Index
Aroon Indicator
Aroon Oscillator
Trend Detection Index


Tony Shao

You can download a FREE trial version to test if it will suit your needs. Money Back Guarantee
FREE Trial

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later installed on your computer

US$35.95 Stock Analyzer Plus

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