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  Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model

Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model

Price: US$89.95

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What is this Product?

An efficient, time-saving tool for intraday traders using pivot points to trade futures price reversals!

The Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model is a pre-built Excel model that dramatically cuts down on the time and effort required to screen for profitable price reversals.

Pivot point analysis is widely used in the futures markets as a way for floor traders to predict intraday price reversals. However, like any technical indicator, pivot points have their limitations. The Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model is designed to capture the strengths of pivot points while overcoming their limitations.

The Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model is best used as a real-time reversal screening and trade setup tool. The Model allows you to scan for powerful reversal setups among one or more futures contracts in primary “pivot zones” that are most likely to generate profitable trades.

IMPORTANT: The Model operates on 5-minute price bars. You will need a real-time DDE/Active-X data import tool from your broker or data provider to operate the model (DDE NOT INCLUDED).

What You Get: A Tremendous Value!

-A complete pre-built Excel Trading Model (DDE data link not included)
-A complete Users Guide in Word format showing you how to use the model, including multiple real-world trading examples
-Unlimited lifetime Single User License

  • Integrate Excel, formulas, and data sources into a profitable trading tool
  • Position the Model on your screen so only the signals show -- allows you to do other work while you scan for price reversals!
  • Can be used with any futures contract -- including indexes, metals, softs, currencies, financials, rates, etc.
  • Introduces discipline and well-defined trading rules to "seat of the pants" pivot reversal trading
  • Pivot points and the associated support and resistance levels are treated as high probability “reversal ranges”
  • Pivot failures are taken into account by reversing the entry rules under certain situations -- this adds flexibility to the model
  • The Stochastic indicator is incorporated to screen for true reversals based on internal price strength
  • Trade frequency is minimized by screening for the best setups with greatest likelihood of profit
  • The Pivot-Stochastic strategy naturally finds low-risk trading setups, with stop placement nearby the entry point and large potential upside
  • Save money by eliminating recurring software costs
  • Easily track multiple futures contracts by simply copying worksheets and adding contracts to the Signals page


There is not refund for this Tool.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Real time DDE link with 5-minute futures price data from your broker or data provider (DDE NOT INCLUDED)
  • Internet access (high speed DSL or cable modem suggested, but not necessary)
  • WinZip software (to unzip files)

US$89.95 Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model

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