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  INVESTMENT-CALC PRO for IRR & NPV Solutions    

Investment-Calc PRO 7.3 IRR & Net Present Values

Price: US$69.95

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What is this Product?

Our complete collection of Investment Cash Flow workbooks for NPV & IRR.

Investment Appraisal simulators. This spreadsheet will run 3,000 forecasts combining up to 80 variables of any investment project to predict the most probable 10 year pre-tax profits, cash flows, NPV, IRR and ROIC.

Large library of investment analysis spreadsheets provide present value beyond the cash flow forecasting horizon. With our quick and easy to use spreadsheets terminal values are automatically added to project net worth and included in the real return on capital values.

Quick calculation of your firms cost of capital using beta risk look up values from the database included within the workbook. Your firms or your project cost of capital is the real discount rate to apply to all net present value spreadsheets.

Buy INVESTMENT-CALC PRO 2008 IRR & NPV Solutions in order to get benefits and Guarantee

Project cash flows rate of return targeting using Excel Goal Seek. Adjust any individual income/cost/sale/recovery forecast and drive your project to the desired rate of return.

Calculates the economic and net present value of the financial benefits of an acquisition or merger.

This workbook includes Present values calculators, and internal rate of returns of investment project cash flows, future values of money flows, present values compounded between dates, present values of a recurring amount, and present value of periodic investments.

Free "My Loans Manager (web App) will manage your origination loans. Managers can view all company loans from start to finish. Private access to loans from anywhere. Includes NPV present values. Archive records to Excel. Model consolidations. Retail value $39.95/month for 12 months - with this workbook.



  • Calculator 1: Present values and internal rate of return of cash flows in the future.
  • Calculator 2: Late payment charge between two dates to maintain present value.
  • Calculator 3: Future value from todays date.
  • Calculator 4: Future value compounded between any two dates.
  • Calculator 5: Present value of a recurring amount.
  • Calculator 6 & 7: Present value of regular investments.
  • Shows you how to prepare your own NPV & IRR spreadsheets with charts and Goal Seek.
  • Project NPV & IRR tables: (2 linked spreadsheets). 120 months cash flow inputs and outflows, net present values plus internal rate of return.
  • Project Investment Analysis: (6 linked spreadsheets). Inputs unit volume and unit price plus adjustments for sensitivity, cost of sale, company expenses, investment amount, debt/equity, tax rate, depreciation rule. Calculates EBITDA, operating and after tax profits, average annual income and ROIC, net present value & IRR. Calculates continuing value of the project after the forecast horizon has ended.
  • Annual NPV/IRR cash flow calculations to 60 years. Table.
  • Monthly NPV/IRR cash flow calculations to 120 months. Table.
  • Company share valuation: Discounts future earnings, or cash flows.

Topics, formula, explanations include:

  • Rate of Return formula and payback in constant dollar terms.
  • Net Present Value rules and calculations incorporating the time value of money.
  • Explaining discounted cash flow equations.
  • NPV worked examples.
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) explained.
  • Impact of accelerated depreciation on capital investment appraisals.
  • Financial modelling tips.
  • Adjusting Excel for NPV and IRR calculations.
  • Applying Goal Seek to determining IRR values.
  • Share valuation guide.
  • Applying NPV and IRR to real estate investing.
  • Plus Quick Guide How to use and apply Investment-Calc 7.3 for Investment return calculations.

Present Value & Compounding calculators for Excel from/to any future date. T-Bill rate values are imported via Web Query.

Imported financial data transposed to easy lookup combo boxes.

Start calculating NPV & IRR using Goal Seek as well as Excel IRR..

Preparing Base Case Investment Appraisal and risk adjustment figures using these instructions and templates.

After tax analysis Base Case forecast adjusted by varying unit volumes and price levels.

Use Continuing Value calculations to include project value beyond the forecast period.

and more....


Xdata Ltd and Support


30 days money back.

System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME or XP
  • MS Excel 97 or more

US$69.95 INVESTMENT-CALC PRO for IRR & NPV Solutions

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