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What is this Product?

XLSTAT-Pivot is a must have complement for XLSTAT-Pro users who need to quickly create pivot tables while discovering important trends and factors impacting their business. While today's reporting tools provide you with a lot of features to slice and dice your data, the sheer amount of information may prove to limit your use of these technologies. XLSTAT-Pivot brings up your data structured in a way that you see the most important information first.

XLSTAT-Pivot combines the technologies of two of the most dynamic analytical software companies, Addinsoft and KXEN. XLSTAT-Pivot is based on the IOLAP® technology developed by KXEN, the world leader in data mining and business applications derived from Vapnik's theories. IOLAP® means Intelligent Online Analytical Processing. KXEN which has already established partnerships with Business Objects, SPSS and Accenture, has chosen Addinsoft to deliver its technology on an Excel platform.

XLSTAT-Pivot allows you to identify and display the variables by degree of relevance to a given business question. Each variable is described with its complete structure so that you can drill down into its hierarchy. Two indicators provide information about quality and reliability of the information obtained.


A unique and very powerful product
Using as input a table that contains a set of observations described by categorical and numerical variables - including the target variable which corresponds to the phenomenon of interest (revenue, response or not to a direct mailing, ...) - XLSTAT-Pivot allows to:

  • create a dynamic pivot table with a hirearchy among the variables which depends on their contribution to the target variable,
  • identify which variables most influence the target variable,
  • identify which combination of variables most influence the target variable,
  • build optimal classes for the numerical variables, making it possible to use them in the dynamic pivot table,
  • group the categories of the categorical variables when relevant, to facilitate the analysis of the results.

Try before you buy, You can download a trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements

Windows: 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Excel: 97 and later
Processor: 800 MHz
Hard disk: 45 Mb
RAM: 128 Mb

Tutorials online are available if you want to see examples on how to use the product.
If you need 30 or more licences please contact us at


US$395.00  XLSTAT-Pivot

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