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Visual Stats

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What is this Product?

Visual Stats is a statistics software to implement data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis.

Visual Stats is an easy to use statistics software for probability analysis, frequency analysis, variance analysis, regression analysis and curve fitting.

  • Excel-like data editor is easy to use.
  • Probability analysis - compute and graph probability density function values, cumulative distribution function values, survival function values, hazard function values, quantile values, means and variances..
  • Compute descriptive statistics of selected data.
  • Frequency analysis.
  • Compare means - one sample t test, independent-samples t test and paired-samples t test.
  • Compare variances - one sample and two samples.
  • Variance analysis - one-way ANOVA and two-way ANOVA.
  • Univariate linear regression and multivariate linear regression.
  • Linear curve fitting and nonlinear curve fitting.
GraphNow Software

You can download a Demo version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows 98, Windows ME

US$120.00 Visual Stats

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