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  Budget Forecaster For Windows    

Budget Forecaster For Windows

Price: US$39.95

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What is this Product?

Budget Forecaster for Windows® is a personal finance management software. It was designed for users who enjoy managing their finances with a simple, easy to use stand-alone home budgeting application. This application allows users to manage their personal finances quick an easy.

Budget Forecaster for Windows® includes a comprehensive set of personal finance managing features that make this application suitable for both personal money management and small business finance management.

Budget Forecaster for Windows® is the simplest way to plan your budget, monitor your spending, and so much more. In fact, Budget Forecaster is one of the most powerful personal financial tools available.


Track where your money goes
See where your money goes by tracking your daily expenses by type. Get a clear picture of where your money is going by week or by month. Track your income, investments and expenses for the selected time period, and analyze your income allocation and expenses distribution with Strativia software - all in one place.

View colorful, detailed charts and graphs
View colorful, detailed charts and graphs and see visually by category where your money goes. If you prefer to see where your expenses go in a colorful, easy to read pie chart, you will enjoy this feature.
Strativia home budget software chart and graph tools include:

-Monthly & Yearly Income Allocation Chart
-Monthly & Yearly Expense Allocation Chart
-Expense Breakdown Pie Charts

Get customized financial reports
Budget Forecaster home budget management software includes comprehensive reporting functionality that allows you to get customized financial reports depending on your needs.

Print detailed and summarized reports
All reports provided by Strativia personal money management software are printer-friendly so that you can print them out whenever you need.

Determine your own expense categories
Customized expense categories allow you to set up software settings the way you prefer. This gives you total control over your expense tracking.

Import and Export to Excel®
Share and demonstrate your financial information, add the necessary budgeting information into the system with the help of MS Excel files export import and export feature of Strativia home budget software products!

Create and manage personal and family budgets
Budget Forecaster home budgeting software allows you to create and manage both personal and family budgets with ease. Try our household budgeting and planning features and start optimizing your budget today.

View monthly and annual spending analysis
Our personal money management software includes robust income and spending analysis tools that help you clearly analyze, compare, and contrast. Analyze your monthly and yearly spending trends and plan your budget accordingly with Budget Forecaster personal finance management software.

Analyze your income allocation and expense distribution
Use the customizable income allocation and expense distribution classifications tools. This is true money amendment software to help analyze your financial progress and find additional sources of income, which will yield huge savings over time.

Monitor your net worth
Consolidate your assets and liabilities to calculate, compare and analyze your net worth every quarter or annually - easily and efficiently.

View key financial ratios
Evaluate your financial health with the help of financial ratios analysis. Budget Forecaster personal finance software provides tools for Basic Liquidity Ratio, Debt to Asset Ratio and Debt Payment to Income Ratio calculation and trends analysis.

Determine your life insurance and retirement needs
The ultimate protection for your family and loved ones should be monitored and managed. Manage and plan your retirement and life insurance needs with ease and clear perspectives with the help of Budget Forecaster personal finance software Life insurance and Retirement needs calculators. These tools will help to ensure that you know just how much coverage you need.

Calculate your mortgage
Figure out your monthly mortgage payment, create amortization tables and schedules, and consider extra mortgage payments with the help of Budget Forecaster Mortgage Calculator tool.

Plan for College
Plan your child's college education. Determining how much your child's education will cost is important. Develop a 529 plan quickly and easily with the help of Budget Forecaster budgeting software.

Setup a bill payment reminder schedule
Never forget to pay your bills on time with the Budget Forecaster personal finance software bill payment reminder schedule feature. This feature allows you to plan when your bills are due for up to 1 year in advance.

Download bank transactions in OFX format
No need to enter transactions manually; you can import transactions from your checking, savings, credit card, and other investment accounts in OFX (Open Financial Exchange) format.

Manage personal and small business finances
The finance management functionality of Budget Forecaster budgeting software allows you to manage not only your personal finances, but also arrange and operate small business financial matters.


Strativia Software
System Requirements
Computer: Pentium 200 or Higher
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Memory: 32 MB RAM required (128 MB RAM recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 50-100 MB
Monitor: SVGA 1024x768 with 16-bit color
CD-ROM: Double speed (4x or higher recommended)
Internet Connection: 14.4k bps modem required for download
Printer: Windows compatible printers for 98/2000/ME/XP
US$39.95 Budget Forecaster For Windows

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