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  Aura Forecast Engine    

Aura Forecast Engine

Price: US$500.00

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What is this Product?

Aura® Is the automated expert system for multivariate statistical forecasting. It combines the unique power of full automated multivariate statistical analysis in unlimited dimensions with the remarkable ease of use. Be you the experienced mathematician or just a novice in forecasting with immediate and very practical goals, Aura® is just for you. It can both offer the instant forecast by one mouse click or expand for you many levels of complicated model trees that stay behind a few final digits.

  • Unique forecasting technology based on fractal metanet architecture capable to combine various forecasting algorithms.
  • Multivariate statistical models of arbitrary dimensions in infinite level layering network.
  • Intuitive user interface with multiscale tables and charts featuring confidence estimates and residuals.
  • Transparent model structure with multilevel hypertext navigation delivered through built-in web server.
  • Own standard of superfast unlimited object storage with multi-user support.
  • Unattended automated operation with the profiling logs and smart error recovery.
  • Open financial connectivity to all major data vendors through open standard data drivers.
  • Unlimited extensibility through unified language neutral model component standard.

You can watch accurate and attractive charts, detailed tables and very sophisticated multilevel model descriptions linked with intuitive hypertext links designed not to get you lost in this abundance of models. You can instantly import tremendous amounts of data both from the desktop applications and external databases, analyze them with one mouse click and store to disk with unique speed in native format as well as export results for the further use in many formats.

If you are software developer not interested in these visual features, then even more you can benefit from Aura® power and flexibility, because it offers you many levels of simple and effective open user APIs to access custom data sources, incorporate additional forecasting models, store results in the external databases of your choice or just embed the whole engine into your custom application and enjoy all its power through the customized web interface which best fits your needs.

Econom-Expert Ltd.

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System Requirements
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003
US$500.00 Aura Forecast Engine

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