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  Advanced SQC for Excel (TM)    

Price: US$149.00

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What is this Product?

SQC for Excel™ is a Microsoft Excel add-in program for developing statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) calculations, reports and charts automatically.

Adds a user friendly menu to the MS Excel menu.
Select data within MS Excel spreadsheet and analyze it automatically.
All calculations, reports and charts are developed using MS Excel formula and functions.
Utilize your knowledge of MS Excel in analyzing quality control problems.
Link your quality related results directly to your MS Word reports.
Communicate your results to the World Wide Web or Intranet directly.
Do sophisticated analysis such as Nested or Multivariate charts within MS Excel.
Connect your reports and charts to online data sources.

  • An easy interface via the Excel menu (Choose SQC from Excel Menu).
  • X-bar, Range, Moving Range, Individual, S, X, Moving charts.
  • 2 or 3 sigma for x charts.
  • EWMA, CUSUM and Trend charts.
  • Chart selection wizard.
  • User definable Runs and Trend rules.
  • Dynamic link to the original data.
  • Color coded for A,B and C zone ( 1,2 and 3 Std from center).
  • P, nP, u and c control charts.
  • Process Capability Cpu, Cpl and Cpk calculations based on LSL and USL.
  • Comprehensive reporting of all calculations.
  • Automatically checks the data for correlation.
  • Plots histogram, normal distribution, LSL and USL.
  • Comprehensive advanced statistic analysis done automatically.
  • Data point can be marked to be excluded from the calculation (Reconcile).
  • Dynamic updating of all charts and SQC limits.
  • Runs and Trends calculations.
  • Partial Component Analysis (PCA).
  • Multivariable SQC based on PCA results.
  • Nested SQC charts:
    - Short term and Long term Capability.
    - Measurement, Sample Batch SQC Charting.
    - Within Wafer, Wafer to Wafer and Batch SQC charts.
  • Online Version Key Features
    - An easy interface via an Excel worksheet to communicate with external sources.
    - Definable history buffer ( rolling buffer to capture the history).
    - Definable internal frequency (just type the sampling time and click on start).
    - Definable external trigger mechanism.
    - Updates all selected calculations and charts.
    - Definable Save and Report option.
  • Define and Save cases for future use.
  • Edit and Save all chart masters for your company look and feel.

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System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 97, 2000 XP or 2003.
US$149.00 Advanced SQC for Excel (TM)

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