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  PrecisionTree 5.7    

Price: US$995.00

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What is this Product?

New PrecisionTree® 5.7

New PrecisionTree 5.7 Is fully compatible with 64-bit Excel 2010. 64-bit technology enables Excel and PrecisionTree to access much more computer memory than ever before. This allows for vastly larger models and greater computational power.

PrecisionTree performs decision analysis in Microsoft Excel using decision trees and influence diagrams. Decision trees let you visually map out complex, multi-layered decisions in a sequential, organized manner. This helps you identify all possible alternatives and choose the best option.

PrecisionTree has been rewritten with a more streamlined interface and robust new analyses.

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Excel Ease of Use

PrecisionTree is a true add-in to Microsoft Excel, integrating completely with your spreadsheet. Browse, define, analyze—while never leaving Excel. PrecisionTree nodes, branches, and arcs are placed directly in your model, and values appear in the formula bar. Context-sensitive right-click menus and the PrecisionTree toolbar make learning and navigating PrecisionTree a snap.

How PrecisionTree Works

Build a Decision Tree
Decision trees provide a formal structure in which decisions and chance events are linked in sequence from left to right. Decisions, chance events, and end results are represented by nodes and connected by branches. The result is a tree structure with the "root" on the left and various payoffs on the right. Probabilities of events occurring and payoffs for events and decisions are added to each node in the tree. With PrecisionTree, you’ll see the payoff and probability of each possible path through a tree.

You can add PrecisionTree functions to any cell in a spreadsheet and can include arguments that are cell references and expressions - allowing great flexibility in defining decision models. You can also collapse and restore branches to the right of any given node for simplicity and easier navigation through the tree.

Analyze Your Results
PrecisionTree determines the best decision to make at each decision node and marks the branch for that decision TRUE. Once your decision tree is complete, PrecisionTree’s decision analysis creates a full statistics report on the best decision to make and its comparison with alternative decisions.   

PrecisionTree can create a Risk Profile graph that compares the payoffs and risk of different decision options.  It displays probability and cumulative charts showing the probabilities of different outcomes and of an outcome less than or equal to a certain value.

 Cumulative Risk Profile graph

PrecisionTree can also perform a sensitivity analysis by modifying the values of the variables you specify and recording the changes in the expected value of the tree.  You can change one or two variables at a time.  Results include sensitivity, tornado, spider, and strategy-region graphs.

2-way sensitivity graph 

Policy Suggestion Report – A reduced version of the decision tree that displays only the optimum decisions in your model.  It includes a Policy Decision Table which lists each decision in a model, the probability of arriving at that decision, and the benefit of making the correct choice for that decision.

Policy Suggestion report 

Strategy Region Graphs – One-Way Strategy Region graphs display the expected values for each decision over the range of one variable. Two-Way Strategy Region graphs show you which decision is optimal over the range of two variables.

Unlimited tree nodes – For your largest models, PrecisionTree Industrial allows decision trees of unlimited size.

Use PrecisionTree with the Entire DecisionTools® Suite
PrecisionTree was designed to work with our other DecisionTools Suite products @RISK, TopRank®, RISKview™, and BestFit®. Take any model you have analyzed in PrecisionTree and then use @RISK to perform a powerful Risk Analysis. Add @RISK probability distribution functions right in your existing decision tree. Take real-world data and use BestFit to find the distribution which best fits your data, or create your own distribution by drawing it in RISKview. Use them in @RISK to realistically represent uncertainty. Then run a full Monte Carlo simulation on your Decision Analysis model! You'll have a distribution of possible results, along with the likelihood of them occurring, for the optimal decision identified by PrecisionTree. Then bring in TopRank to run a detailed What-If Analysis on the same tree. The same spreadsheet model, three powerful analyses - all with the DecisionTools Suite. With the DecisionTools Suite, you will be prepared to face the risks in any situation!

Compatibility: PrecisionTree is compatible with Excel versions 2000 through 2007

PrecisionTree Features & Benefits

Advanced Features

  • Logic nodes – A special type of node where the optimum branch is selected according to conditions the user defines. A logic node behaves like a decision node, but it selects the branch whose branch logic formula evaluates to TRUE as the logical (optimum) decision.
  • Reference nodes – Are used to reference a sub-tree. The sub-tree can be on any sheet in the workbook. Use reference nodes to simplify a tree, to reference the same sub-tree many times in a tree, or to build a tree that’s too large to fit on one spreadsheet.
  • Linked Trees – Allow the branch values for a decision tree to be linked to cells in an Excel model external to the tree. Each node can be linked to an Excel cell reference or range name. End node payoffs can be calculated by a detailed spreadsheet model. This powerful feature combines the strength of a decision tree for describing decision situations with the strength of a traditional spreadsheet model for calculating results.
  • Payoffs with VBA Macros – PrecisionTree can calculate decision tree path payoff values using a custom VBA formula. Using this method, you can drastically simplify your models.
  • Custom Utility Functions – Converts a model’s monetary payoffs into “utility” to account for the decision maker’s attitude toward risk, which can affect the optimal decision choice.  PrecisionTree offers a default exponential utility function, but, using VBA custom functions, you can easily construct your own custom utility function.
  • PrecisonTree Developer Kit – Built-in programming language that allows you to automate PrecisionTree using Excel VBA.
  • Influence Diagrams – Using nodes and arcs, influence diagrams are used to summarize the general structure of a decision.  They can also represent asymmetric trees.  You can convert influence diagrams into decision trees.

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PrecisionTree comes in Two Editions to Meet Your Needs:

Technical Support: Personalized technical support is free with a current maintenance plan. Contact more details to

If you want 5 or more licenses, you will receive a special discount. Please contact to for more details.


You can download a 10 days FREE trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
FREE Trial

System Requirements
  • Minimum Platform: IBM PC compatible Pentium-equivalent or higher, 16MB RAM, Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
  • Recommended: 32 MB RAM, or greater.

100% Excel

PrecisionTree calculations are performed 100% within Excel, supported by Palisade sampling and statistics proven in over twenty years of use. Palisade does not attempt to rewrite Excel in an external recalculator to gain speed. A single recalculation from an unsupported or poorly reproduced macro or function can dramatically change your results. Where will it occur, and when?

Compatibility: Compatible with PC Excel 2000 and higher and PC Windows 2000 and higher.


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Product Prices  
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