Consolidator Enterprise is very intuitive and user-friendly, since you can work with menus, which are explained below.
We will explain the menus for the pane, Space of structures of consolidation, first.
Some items do not have menus, so do not worry about that.

  1. Add consolidation book: Select it to create consolidation levels. Each level is also a book that will consolidate the books grouped in it.
  2. Add data book: Click here to create new books that are copies of the Template.xls book associated to the model, and save them in the Files folder, as shown in the example.
  3. Rename: Click here to change the name of a consolidation level or any other book, except for the first book that has the model name.
  4. Open: This option is enabled when this book is in the folder indicated; point to it to open the book and see its contents.
  5. Save: Point to it to save changes made.
  6. Properties: Click here to see the basic properties of the book, such as path and creation and modification dates.