Creating a Survey

You are going to use Survey Builder to create a survey.
1.- Open the Survey Builder dialog box.

     Enter the poll's title


Choose an option, then click on Next>>

From the Choose the kind of question dropdown list, select the type of question you want to ask.
Type your question in the Enter text of question textbox.
You will not need to number the questions 1, 2, 3, etc. Survey Builder will number them automatically as it creates the survey.
Different options will be shown or hidden depending on the type of question selected so as to prevent mix-ups.


2.-  For illustrative purposes, let us create a five-question survey. Follow these steps:





Once you have finished designing your questionnaire, click on Finish and generate poll

Survey about Consolidator Enterprise for Excel


You will see the survey you have created
The survey has the following features:
- Creates tables with cells where the respondent can enter his/her answer.
-The survey is protected automatically to prevent it from being altered by the respondent.
-Respondents may choose their answers with an "X"; the dropdown lists will not allow them to enter any other characters.
-Choose the "X" from the dropdown list to mark your question.
Now that your survey design is completed, you can now distribute your survey to respondents, for example via email.