Consolidate Survey

With this tool, you can consolidate quickly surveys filled out by respondents.
To do this, you have to open the workbook containing the form of the survey to be consolidated, as you will see in an example below.
As you open the Consolidate Survey dialog box, all survey questions will be loaded (provided the survey had been created with Consolidator Enterprise Version 1.5.0 or higher). Otherwise, you will have to load the questions manually.

Click the Next>> button.
Now browse and find the workbooks containing the respondents' answers and select the sheet containing the questionnaire.
Remember that a workbook can have several sheets -that's why you need to specify the sheet. When Survey Builder created the survey, it named it "Survey" by default. If you have not changed this name, then select the sheet named Survey as shown below:

Then click the Consolidate Survey button.

The report brings forth two sheets, one with consolidated data and the other with data in PivotTable form.



Note: Depending on the type of question, the tool will validate if the respondent has answered the question right or has invalidated it -for example, if the question only dmitted one answer and the respondent checked two.
In the latter case, Consolidator Enterprise excluded this question from the consolidation.