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  Consolidator Enterprise for Excel    
Consolidator Enterprise for Excel

Consolidator Enterprise for Excel 2.1.0

Consolidate a large volume of spreadsheets; Conduct Surveys; Give examinations; Carry out training processes; and more… all with a single program.


  • One year support
  • Free resources

Price: US$119.95

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Online videos
How to create a new model of consolidation How to create a template
How to create new tree consolidation How to send books which will be filled by the receivers
How to receive books of receivers How to consolidate the information
How to make an advanced analysis of consolidated data How to create surveys
How to consolidate surveys Consolidator wizard
Detailed Consolidation Merge tables
Smart Consolidator Conditional text
Consolidate ranges How to create templates
How to create tree consolidation How to consolidate information
Only for Microsoft Office 2003
Create consolidation model How to send books
How to receive books Advanced analysis of consolidated data
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