With this tool, you can create a survey and then consolidate respondents' answers.
A survey has a title and questions.
Changes from Version 1.0.0
1. A dialog box has been added to the Survey Builder tool, which allows you to create a survey from scratch,create a survey from a existing one (provided has been created with this version), or resume the creation of surveys that had been put off -all of which makes this tool more robust. In addition, it meets the requirements of hundreds of users which suggested these improvements.
2. Now the Survey Builder function allows you to interrupt a survey creation process and resume it later,which makes this tool more flexible, so whenever you want to resume the survey, you won't have to create it again from scratch as in the prior version.
3. To consolidate, use the Consolidate Survey tool. We have also improved this tool, and it now gets a survey structure automatically and loads the questions, leaving the survey ready for consolidation. This is possible only if the survey has been created with Consolidator Enterprise. For other surveys on Excel you want to consolidate, you should load the questions manually as in version 1.0.0, which is quite time-consuming.
The types of questions supported by this version are the following:
Vertical. One answer
A vertical-type question with only one possible answer.
Consolidator Enterprise will include this type of questions in the consolidation that meet the following conditions:
- The respondent has chosen at most one alternative.
- If the respondent has chosen several alternatives, the question will be ignored and will not be consolidated.
Vertical: Multiple answers
A vertical-type question with several answers.
The respondent may choose multiple alternatives and the question will always be consolidated.
Matrix: One answer per row
A matrix-type question where the respondent can choose only one alternative per row.
Consolidator Enterprise will not consolidate any questions of this type that does not meet the previous requirement.
Matrix: Multiple answers per row
A matrix-type question, where the respondent can choose multiple alternative per row.
Consolidator Enterprise will always consolidate this type of questions.
Open Ended
An open-ended type of question, where the respondent may give his/her opinion.
Consolidator enterprise will always concatenate open-ended questions to show them in the consolidated report.