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  Rainbow Analyst    

 rainbow analyst, excel models

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What is this Product?

If you have ever spent hours checking or auditing a spreadsheet model, then the Rainbow Analyst add-in (for Microsoft Excel 2000 to 2010) may be just what you need to fast-track your spreadsheet audit process. 

Rainbow Analyst is a sophisticated spreadsheet analysis add-in (for Excel 2000 and above) that visually highlights potential problems and errors in a model, and so delivers considerable time savings in the audit process.

This powerful tool has a wide range of analysis functions that can detect errors which would be hard to spot through manual checking, however exhaustive.

As one of Rainbow Analyst users has told us, "It really is a great product and recently saved my bacon by finding a $500,000 error in my budget for next year. An error of this amount would have had a major impact on our results".

Another user, a treasury manager in a large organization, wrote to say, "Up until now it has taken us days to trawl through models but your add-in has reduced this to a matter of hours. It is very powerful and well worth the money".


Rainbow Analyst is so easy to use, you will hardly need more than a glance to find problems or understand the flow of logic behind a model, saving you hours of hard work.

Highlight Hidden Errors:
Have you ever wished you could see at a glance where potential errors might be lurking in a spreadsheet model? Rainbow Analyst uses colour to highlight different types of cells and potential problem areas, so that you can:

  • see where model inputs really are, as opposed to where they are indicated;
  • check how consistently formulas have been copied across rows and down columns;
  • see the overall flow of logic between different sheets in a workbook;
  • find row differences, hard-coded numbers, long formulas and other problems;
  • analyse groups of differences between workbooks or worksheets in a workbook;
  • find links with other Excel workbooks, and trace comments and names
Users can make their own colour selections.

See how all these incredible new tools are easily accessible from the special Rainbow menu in your copy of Excel.

Powerful Analysis Functions:
Rainbow Analyst is simple to use; you can access all its features (including a detailed User Guide) by clicking on the Rainbow drop-down menu which is added to the end of the standard worksheet menu bar when Rainbow is loaded. In addition there is a small toolbar for the most commonly-used functions.

The Rainbow menu has five sections with different types of analysis functions:

  • Formula Groups, All Dependencies and Inter-Sheet are powerful "floodlight" utilities which will enable you carry out an in-depth analysis of a spreadsheet quickly and efficiently;
  • Dependencies, Error Types and Cell Types are "spotlight" tools which will highlight various specific types of cells (e.g. hard-coded numbers) that you may want to check;
  • Compare Formulas, Compare Values and Special Reports all generate single-sheet workbook reports, listing differences, links, comments or names;
  • Save Format, Undo Changes, ReFormat and (Un)Protect are utility functions to undo formatting changes, colour-code or (un)lock specified cells, and (un)protect sheets;
  • Default Colours, Preferences and User Guide are control functions; the first two allow you to customise the Analyst to reflect your own preferences.
The All Dependencies function is one of Rainbow's most powerful features. This in effect creates a colour map of the logical characteristics of a spreadsheet, and you will see immediately whether the spreadsheet is well structured, with consistent blocks of colour running right across rows and very few row differences. A badly structured spreadsheet, on the other hand, will look like a patchwork of different colours.

For a complete step-by-step demonstration, check our Rainbow in Use page to see a simple real-life example.


Rainbow Analyst, Excel Models

Rainbow Analyst, Excel Models

Rainbow Analyst, Excel Models

The Model Answer

You can download a trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010

Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003


US$199.00 Rainbow Analyst Professional

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