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  QuikCalc Amortization    

QuikCalc Amortization

Price: US$199.95

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What is this Product?

QuikCalc Amortization comes in four editions to meet your needs and is in use by thousands of professionals, individuals and government departments around the world. The Premium Edition is a complete mortgage and loan management tool for those individuals who need to track any number of mortgages and loans as well as generate amortization schedules for planning purposes.

  • Loan Manager
    This powerful feature allows you to track, to the penny, all of your loans. It allows you to vary the terms and interest rates by date range as well as track payments and escrow accounts. Enter the payment amounts and dates to see the exact impact on interest. You can also split payments to include taxes, insurance, late fees and penalties
  • Amortization Schedules Plus!
    With this tool you can see the affect of any number of extra payments at any time and individually override any payment amount. You can also add lump sum payments starting in any year at almost any interval and immediately see the effect of different payment frequencies and interest rates on your overall interest costs and loan retirement time.
  • Solve for Missing Number Calculator
    The Solve for Missing Number calculator allows you to enter your known values and solve for the missing payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or amortization period.
  • Payment Grids
    Quickly create not just loan payment tables but five different grid configurations allow you to quickly see at a glance the impact of loan amounts, interest rates and payment amounts.
  • Financial Calculators
    We've included dozens of powerful financial calculators to help you solve most common financial calculations.
  • Detailed Reports
    Detailed reports are available that will allow you to see on paper varying levels of detail on the loans, schedules or grids stored in the system.

Compatible with US & Canadian mortgages, U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) loans, car loans, business loans, debt-consolidation loans, student loans and more


Powerful Loan Manager tracks actual loans including the varying terms, interest rates and payments made and to be made


Easy to use Amortization Schedules include principal and interest breakdowns with running totals of interest paid and principal remaining


Flexible Planning with Amortization Schedules Plus! Allows you to see the effect of adding, skipping or changing any payment. Includes weekly, monthly and annual lump-sum payments starting in any year


See the effect of skipping, changing or adding any number of payments


See the effect of negative amortization


Handles infrequent and irregular payment amounts


Calculate a payout amount for the loan as of a specific date using the Loan Manager


Solve for missing number calculator allows you to enter your known values and solve for the payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or amortization period


Loan Terms Tracking


Interest Rate Tracking


Payment Tracking and Projections including insurance/tax/interest escrow plus assess late fees/penalties


Dynamic Payment Grids including five different grid configurations allowing you to solve for most missing variables


Associate a name, address and phone number with your loans


Dozens of Easy to Use Calculators


Detailed Reports including annual summaries. Allows you to specify a date range when printing


Save your grids and schedules for future use


Create schedules and loans directly from the Solve for Missing Number calculator


Create loans directly from the Amortization Schedule windows


Keep notes and track check numbers on individual payments
Add any number of extra payments including negative amounts that get added to the outstanding balance (sometimes known as draws)
Schedule an annual, monthly or weekly lump-sum on the loan starting in any year
Skip or miss payments
Record late or early payments
Assess late penalties/fees
Track Insurance/Tax/Interest Escrow
Create loans with different payment types including interest only
Use various Day Count Conventions including 30/360 and Actual/Actual
Use different compounding methods including U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) and Canadian mortgages
Track the actual payment amount and payment date
Switch to accelerated payments including bi-weekly and weekly accelerated loans
Track varying interest rates by date range
Add your own custom one-time or repeating charges based upon a fixed amount or percentage of a parameter such as outstanding balance
Calculate loan payout amounts based upon a date you supply then optionally change the schedule to reflect this payout
Record check numbers, payment descriptions and notes on each payment
And much more!

Create and save any number of amortization schedules

Allows you to set the loan amount, interest rate, payment frequency (including accelerated payments) and interest compounding frequency

Includes principal/interest breakdowns along with running totals of interest paid and principal owing

Change any scheduled payment amount

Add any number of extra payments
Skip scheduled payments
Any payment frequency including monthly, bi-weekly and weekly

Allows annual, monthly or weekly lump-sum payments starting in any year

Allows you to print your schedule in 5 different formats and specify a date range for the years to print

Different compounding methods include U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) and Canadian mortgages

Specify a start date for the schedule or use generic time references

Allows any of 14 different Day Count Conventions including 30/360, Actual/Actual, 30/365 and Actual/360

Before and After display shows the effect of the latest changes

Undo and Redo buttons allow you to go back and forth through your calculation changes

New Compare button allows you to compare the existing schedule with another saved schedule

Create schedules for various different payment types including interest only, fixed principal + interest, Increment by dollar (Dollar Step) and Increment by Percentage (Percent Step)
Handles negative amortization

Five different report formats can be printed for different date ranges using specific from and to dates

Annual reports can be summarized based upon any fiscal year end showing interest and principal paid during the year
Create Loan Manager loans based upon your schedule with the click of a button to save time

Dinamic Payments Grid

Loan Manager

Solve For Missing Number Calculator

Slateboard Software Inc.

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Computer IBM or Compatible Pentium class PC (Pentium II or higher recommended)
  • Operating System Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003
  • Memory 64 MB of RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space 45 MB free disk space required
  • Monitor 1024 x 768 resolution or higher recommended (800 x 600 mode available from Edit menu)
US$199.95 QuikCalc Amortization Premium Edition

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