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  Mortgage Minder Professional    

mortgage minder professional, mortgage calculator, mortgage reduction

Price: US$69.95

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What is this Product?

Mortgage Minder is a powerful, yet amazingly easy to use, mortgage acceleration calculator that allows you to instantly see the effect of making extra principal payments. Mortgage Minder is the best tool available to help you plan your mortgage reduction strategy.

Adding extra principal amounts to your monthly payment can significantly reduce the term of your mortgage and the amount of interest you pay. You can use Mortgage Minder to show you exactly how much you will save, to the penny! You can add a single extra payment one month or instruct Mortgage Minder to insert a fixed amount every month, or every so many months for the entire term of the loan. Mortgage Minder does these calculations with ease, and quickly updates, helping you decide what payment strategy works best for your situation.

Other features allow a significant amount of control over the interface. For example, you can decide which columns you want to display on the main amortization grid. You decide if the "quick buttons" at the bottom of the main screen are visible or not. You decide what your default settings are going to be and then save the preferences so Mortgage Minder will remember them the next time you start the application.

Businesses or professionals can purchase a professional use license which enables a "Prepared By" section on the printed reports which allows you to include your contact information on the reports you print for your clients. You can even add a company logo if you wish!. Many mortgage, real estate, and debt management professionals in the US and Canada are using Mortgage Minder to help their clients by providing them with a custom designed payment plan. Now with Mortgage Minder these professionals can personalize the report to include the clients name as well as their own contact information!

Download Mortgage Minder and see for yourself why we call it the most easy to use, feature rich mortgage calculator you can buy in this price range. Find out what thousands of other satisfied users already know.

  • Updated, easy to use interface
  • Support for Variable Interest Rates
  • Supports for Canadian Calculations
  • Change the Compound Period
  • Support for Interest Only Periods
    Add Extra Principal Amounts to Any Payment
  • Customizable Reports
  • Print Preview
  • Print Directly to Adobe Acrobat PDF File!
  • E-Mail Reports to Clients Directly From Mortgage Minder!
  • Add Pictures and Property Information to Your Loan Files
  • Add Contact Information and Company Logo to Your Reports (Pro Version)
  • Payment Matrix
  • Missing Value Wizard
  • Payoff Date Wizard
  • Early Payoff Analyzer
  • Import From Previous Versions
  • More features include ... add property information to a mortgage file, including a picture of the property and notes! Support for interest only periods and balloon payments! Much, much more!


mortgage minder professional, mortgage calculator, mortgage reduction

CW Technical Services

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003

US$69.95 Mortgage Minder Professional

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