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  ESBPDF Analysis    

esbpdf analysis, probability distribution, scientific calculator

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What is this Product?

ESBPDF Analysis provides an easy-to-use tool for using Discrete & Continuous Probability Distributions in a single application. Most Tables and supplied functions (such as in MS Excel) give P (X < A) and using algebra other results can be found whereas ESBPDF Analysis handles all the Probability combinations for you.

Features include Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Exponential, Student t, Chi Squared, F and Lognormal Distributions; Inverses of Normal, Student t, Chi Squared, F and Lognormal Distributions; Lists of Binomial Coefficients, Factorials and Permutations; Calculations of Gamma and Beta Functions; Printing of Standard Normal Tables & Critical t Values; Fully Customisable; Inbuilt Scientific Calculator; Integrated Help System which includes a Tutorial.

Ideal for the Maths/Stats Student who wishes to understand Probability Distributions better, as well as the Maths/Stats Buff who wants a well designed calculating tool. Also of use for people involved in Financial & Economical modelling.

Designed for Win32 and optimised for Windows XP.

We also plan on adding many more Distributions and features.


esbpdf analysis, probability distribution, scientific calculator

ESB Consultancy

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium, Microsoft Windows NT 4 SP6, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2003 and Microsoft Windows Vista (Beta).


US$29.00 ESBPDF Analysis

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