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  Cost Management Scorecard for Excel    

Cost Management Scorecard for Excel

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What is this Product?

For most business organizations, wages and salaries are the largest operating cost. The measure of the labor cost that is widely used is the Employment Cost Index (ECI). The ECI is a quarterly economic series detailing the changes in the costs of labor for businesses in the US economy. It helps identify the changes and trends in compensation costs to employers over the certain period of time. The ECI reflects the complete labor cost structure, including the wages, salaries, and benefits. Because it includes the costs of benefits in addition to wages and salaries, it provides a comprehensive view of an essential part of the business operating costs.

More ideas on using Cost Management KPI:

Cost Management is a relatively undefined domain that covers any and every effort undertaken with the aim of bringing the costs of products and services down and increase value provided to customers.

To attain this, cost accounting is frequently utilized by managers for pulling the ‘costs incurred’ slot down and adding to what is given to clients as ‘value’.

Consequently, all the short-run and long-run decisions that pertain to planning and controlling are included under this heading.

Owing to the ‘general’ nature of this concept, it is not worked on in a ‘separate’ manner, rather is well incorporated in other managerial thoughts that occur in the organization. This is to say that all programs and strategies that are developed with the purpose of aggravating customer satisfaction can be well placed under the ‘cost managing field’.

However, one should not infer from this understanding that cost management has a single dimension, that too of ‘somehow reducing costs’ as managers often go for bearing large expenditures like ‘advertising’ to expand customer base.

Stating it in a nut-shell, one can effectively manage costs by attaching it intelligently with other concepts like lean accounting, value chain analysis, throughput accounting etc.

A balanced scorecard is an effectual way to have a ‘measurable determination’ for managing costs incurred in organizational processes.


Metrics for Management Evaluation. This is the actual scorecard with Cost Management Performance Indicators and performance indicators. The performance indicators include: cost management,labor cost,avg. monthly labor cost,hours per year,number of project staff,equipment cost,new equipment cost,downtime cost,project time,time spent on specification,time spent on project design,time spent on testing,quality metrics,number of defects,cost of defect,hours per defect,actual vs planned,total cost,product cost,cost per unit,units per hour .

Some Balanced Scorecard help information that explains how to interpret scorecard. What scores and weights can be changed.


You can download a FREE trial version to test if it will suit your needs. Limitations: You can download the evaluation version of scorecards. Changes of performance and weight values will not affect any changes of perspective performance and total performance values. To have a fully function scorecard you should purchase a full version.
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System Requirements
  • Recommended: MS Excel (any version)
  • MS Excel 97 or more

US$60.00 Cost Management Scorecard for Excel

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