Refresh Settings

With this functionality you can configure data refreshing options.
You can choose manual or automatic refreshing.
If you select manual, then you will have to click the Refresh Data button yourself to refresh your data.
If you select automatic, define the settings for the time interval between each automatic refreshing.
The minimum time interval is 10 minutes.
If you need to refresh you data more frequently, then select manual and click the "Refresh Data" button on
the toolbar as frequently as required.

In the Execute model section, you can define the settings so that every time the data is refreshed, Stock Quotes will also
run the model created with the Multiple Conditional Analysis & Formatting tool every time the data is refreshed. With that tool
you can create formatting models that change cell and text colors based on a decision table.

Multiple Conditional Analysis & Formatting

Note: If you want the refreshing time to be shorter, for example, 2 minutes, please feel free to write to JABSOFT at
We would send you an add-in with this characteristics, provided you query only a few ticker symbols, no more than 200.