Alternate Rows Shading

When you use this tool you will be able to format cells with a conditional format in an alternate basis, providing cell color and border formats.
With this tool, it will no longer be a difficult or laborious task to have to add rows with formats, which are the same as those of preceding rows, since, by just adding new rows from Excel, the formats will be automatically added. You may add columns and rows with a personalized format.


Open the configuration and application box, as shown in the previous image.
Then click on the Patterns button and choose the configuration you see in the following image.
First we will configure Patterns and their color.

Accept your changes and choose a cell color. In our case, we choose Light Blue.

Click on the OK button.

Then choose the border you want. In the unfolding option choose the cells range you want the format to apply to:
conditional, every two, three, four or five cells. In our case, it is every three cells.
Finally, choose the range to which you wish to apply the formats. Click on the Apply button, and you are done.

Important note:
In the tool's configuration box there is a Control Check, which is active by default.
If it is active, it is because when the tool is applied the cell color will be left alone, so that it will not be affected by the intermediate lines,
If you deactivate it, the tool will eliminate the colors.

The following border types are supported by the tool: