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  Fund Manager Advisor    

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios, analyze stock, bonds, yield, reports, technical analysis, cash account

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What is this Product?

Fund Manager is a full featured portfolio management application. Fund Manager is designed to help investors monitor and analyze their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments with a wide variety of easy to use graphs and reports.

Fund Manager makes keeping track of your investments easy by retrieving prices from the internet and transactions directly from your broker or mutual fund company. Fund Manager makes tax time a breeze, and offers many graphing and reporting options that allow investors to conveniently get an insight into how well their investments are performing.

The Advisor version is for financial advisors, representatives, or broker/dealers (anyone managing money for clients).

  • Investment Records Management
    Record your transaction history for an unlimited number of investments and portfolios. Track stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds, and cash accounts. Keep track of your purchases, redemptions, distributions, as well as advanced transactions, such as splits, re-combinations, mergers, and spin-offs. Supports both long and short positions. Transactions can be entered manually, imported from a wide variety of formats, or retrieved directly from your broker or mutual fund company.

  • Hierarchical Portfolios
    Track an unlimited number of portfolios. Portfolios can contain an unlimited number of hierarchical sub-portfolios. Display graphs/reports on any portfolio or sub-portfolio. Sub-portfolios are useful for organizing your investments into specific accounts, and/or for investment advisors tracking investments for multiple clients. For managing your portfolios use the Portfolio Editor. There is also a tutorial on using the Portfolio Editor. In the Advisor version, you can have up to 5,000 investments in any one portfolio.

  • Graphing
    Extensive graph options allow you to view your investments and portfolios in a variety of ways. Compare performance and gain insight into your positions. Choose from 29 customizable graph types displayed in the Graphs window.

  • Reports
    Choose from any of the 13 available report types, including a "Custom" report that offers over 150 available fields to choose from. Reports are very flexible, so you can get the exact format you need.

  • Yield Calculations
    True AIMR compliant yield calculations. Multiple yield types are available to report how well your money performed, or how well the underlying investment performed.

  • Technical Analysis
    The technical analysis graph allows you to display a wide variety of indicators.

  • Real-Time Quotes
    Retrieve real time pricing information.
  • Retrieve Historical Dividend and Split Data
    Retrieve past dividends and splits on investments. Useful for when the data is not available from your broker or fund company, or when you're investigating investments you may not own.
  • Client Management Support
    Keep contact information for each client. Have an associated portfolio for each client, with an easy way to switch views between clients.
    E-mail Graphs/Reports to Clients
    Use the Send by Email command to easily create/send any graphs and/or reports to your clients by email.
    Import from Legacy Ameritrade, Fidelity, Legacy TD Waterhouse, Fiserv ISS, DST FAN Mail, Scottrade, or SchwabLink
    Built-in support for importing pricing, securities, transactions, and positions from these sources.
  • Graph/Report Publishing Support
    Graphs and Reports can be copied to the clipboard, and pasted into other applications for preparing client reports. Images can be resized to any desired size, while maintaining their quality.
  • Report Disclaimers
    Customizable disclaimer is displayed at the bottom of each report. You specify the text and font.

Graphs, Portfolio Editor, and a Report Window
Fund Manager is a MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application. One window (Graphs) is dedicated for all graphs. The Portfolio Editor window is for managing your portfolios, and their included investments. Each requested report generates a separate new report window. This example shows the Graphs window displaying a "Stacked Value - Investment" graph. It also shows the Portfolio Editor window in the middle. The bottom window shown an example "Custom" report. Fund Manager can generate a wide variety of reports. All reports can be customized for the date range, colors, column widths, and display options desired. Resize report columns by simply clicking and dragging on the column divider in the report header. The Custom type report offers over 150 available fields to choose from when creating a report. Memorized reports allow report settings to be stored for convenient retrieval.

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios

Volume/High/Low Graph
This screen shot shows the Volume/High/Low graph type. This graph overlays vertical bars from low to high on the price line, and along the bottom the trading volume is graphed. This graph currently is being displayed with the log scale option turned on. Fund Manager can display the vertical axis in either log or linear scale. This graph has only the horizontal grid turned on. The grid lines can be turned on/off independently. The "Graphs" menu is also dropped down to show the available choices from this menu. All graph types above the first separator are "Portfolio" based, and all those below are "Investment" based.

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios

Data Register and Buy/Sell Dialog
The Data Register allows the viewing/editing/entering/deleting of any type of transaction or price data. The "Data Type" combo box selects whether to edit Prices/Investments/Distributions/Splits/Alerts, or subsets of each main data type. The "Data" list view displays data for the selected investment from the "Investment" combination box. This example shows selecting one transaction, and the Buy or Sell Transaction dialog box displayed when the "Edit" button is selected. By selecting "New..." instead, a new transaction could be recorded. The data displayed in the "Data" list view can be sorted by clicking on a particular column header. The column widths are resizable, and the order of the columns can be adjustable by dragging a column with your mouse. The number of significant digits displayed in reports, graphs, and dialog boxes is adjustable.

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios Investment Performance
This report type displays the performance of the underlying investments in your portfolio. The figures are based on the share price of the investments, so you can see how well the intrinsic investments performed, independent of how your money was invested.

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios, analyze stock, bonds, yield, reports, technical analysis, cash account, beiley software

Capital Gains report using the Specific Lot accounting method
Using the Specific Lot accounting method you can choose which shares were sold for each redemption. Use the Specify Lots Dialog to identify the sold shares.

fund manager advisor, mutual funds, portfolio management, portfolios, analyze stock, bonds, yield, reports, technical analysis, cash account

Beiley Software

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003.

US$895.00 Fund Manager Advisor

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