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  Sales Planner    

Sales Planner

Price: US$150.00

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What is this Product?

Sales Planner is intended to be the planning and budgeting tool for sales and marketing managers.

Sales Planner helps in the following tasks:

Planning and monitoring the sales plan and the sales budget
Scheduling and monitoring the sales activities (including costs, labor and material)
Preparing Framework (top-down) planning and Operating (detailed) planning
Analyzing the plan and making decisions
Presenting the plan to other managers and employees.

The Sales Planner's main benefit is:

Helping the manager to decide how to allocate efficiently the marketing and sales resources of his business to activities, products and markets in order to generate more sales with less expenses.

Other benefits are:

Adjusting Framework Planning to Operating Planning
Integrating financial planning, budgeting, activities and personnel planning to one plan with one planning tool.
Controlling and monitoring sales activities and costs
Setting clear schedules and targets to Sales and Marketing staff
Saving time and efforts by using a comprehensive planning tool that does not require previous experience in programming or usage of software and/or in financial modeling and budgeting.

  • Quick to learn, Easy to use
    • Step by step on-line guide for novice user
    • Enhanced on-line help
    • Plan Navigator helps to identify and operate functions quickly

    Flexible and Customizable

    • Easily adjusted to different businesses
    • Samples by industry

    Highly Professional

    • Advanced budgeting and planning tools
    • Powerful analysis tools
    • High quality reports and graphs
    • Build-in modeling and calculations

 The Analysis screens include:
- Highlights
- Sales Ratio - by Activity
- Sales Ratio - by Product
- Sales Ratio - by Market
- Sales Analysis - Top/Down Planning
- Sales Analysis - Operation Planning
- Budget Analysis - Top/Down Planning
- Budget Analysis - Operation Planning
- Activity Schedule
- Responsible Schedule
- Material Schedule
- Graph Generator

Planium Software Ltd.

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Stand-Alone Application
  • Runs on Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ ME
  • Pentium II 350MHZ or more
  • 64MB RAM
  • 35MB disk space (100MB in Windows older than 2000/ ME)
  • Export to MS-Excel, HTML and MS-Projects (2000)
  • Developed with Microsoft’s most advanced development tools

US$150.00  Sales Planner

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