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  Communication Plan Database    

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What is this Product?
A strong communication plan is essential to the success of new business initiatives including projects, product launches, organizational changes, new policies and practices, and maintaining department visibility and value. This Communication Plan Database helps you:
  • Define communication audiences
  • Determine the appropriate communication channels and media
  • Select a mix of media such as electronic newsletters, web pages, face-to-face presentations, group meetings, road shows, internal TV broadcasts, bulletin boards, and town hall meetings
  • Assign and manager communication roles and responsibilities
  • Prepare an activity plan to reach each target audience
  • Identify feedback collection mechanisms, such as voicemail and e-mail mailboxes
  • Define mechanisms and target measures for evaluating communication effectiveness
  • Manage communications materials using links from the plan to file locations or websites
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US$10.00 Communication Plan Database

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