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  Business Plan Pro Premier    

Business plan

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What is this Product?

Business Plan Pro is the fastest and easiest way to write a solid business plan. Perfect for loan applications, start-ups, and businesses launching new products.

Business Plan Pro Premier is the most powerful business planning software available. With advanced features, it is the best tool you can use to help save time and produce a professional plan for your company, department, or investors.

In addition to all of the features of Business Plan Pro, Premier helps you:

  • Collaborate with a team. Distribute the work load between several team members.
  • See the big picture. Combine several plans into one and track actuals against your plan.
  • Create detailed financials. Expanded sales forecasting, presonel planning, and detailed P&L statements.
  • Plan your cash flow with the Cash Pilot tool.

Order Business Plan Pro and get started today!

Business Plan Pro 11.0 was rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of new technologies. A more visual interface and tools make your planning and follow-up faster and more intuitive.

New "Keep it Simple" option
Our new Plan Setup gets you started on your plan fast. Answer a few simple question and you're off. A new "keep it simple" outline option creates a plan that you can literally complete in hours. You can also complete a more detailed plan.

Easier, faster financials
A new user interface for working on financial tables makes it easy to switch between our popular Table Wizards and the spreadsheets that lie underneath. We integrated the Table Review into the process to help you complete your financials faster.

One-click chart changes
Our new chart editors makes it easy to produce beautiful 3D color charts that print with your plan. New controls for making the charts yours make it easy to create a custom plan that meets your specific needs.

Publish your way

We’ve built features into Business Plan Pro 11.0 that make it easier than ever to customize the way your plan prints. Unique color palettes for your charts, our new chart editor, and section level control over your headers and footers and printing options make it easy to fine-tune the print job to meet your needs.

Support for plans in Spanish
Business Plan Pro 11.0 makes it easy to publish a plan in Spanish. The Plan Setup can change your financial tables and plan outline from English to Spanish and back again. Great for English-speaking users that want to publish a plan in Spanish.

Certified for Windows Vista
Business Plan Pro is certified for the latest Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.

Integrated Management Dashboard
New in Premier Edition - If you need a bird’s-eye view of your business, your plan, and your progress toward your goals, version 11.0's new integrated dashboard has the tools you need. Check your actual sales compared to your goals and ensure that spending is in line with your budget. Quickly manage your company goals and objectives and easily export everything to PowerPoint for an executive presentation.

What-if scenarios for cash flow
New in Premier Edition - What happens if your customers start paying you net-60 instead of net-30? How will keeping more inventory on hand impact your cash flow? Business Plan Pro’s Cash Pilot tool allows you to quickly run different scenarios and immediately see the impact on your cash flow so you can manage your business better.

Speed up your annual planning
New in Premier Edition - For the first time, Business Plan Pro now includes an easy way to update your business plan for a new year without losing your original data. The Archive and Roll Forward feature essentially makes a copy of your current plan, archives it for safekeeping, and then takes steps to prepare the existing plan for a new planning year. A good business plan is a current business plan!

New progress-tracking feature
The Tasks list guides you through your plan and it’s central to everything you do in Business Plan Pro. New progress-tracking feature makes it easy to see where you’re at and keeps you focused and on track.

The new makes it easy to publish a high-fidelity copy of your plan to the Internet to share with investors, partners, colleagues, family, whomever you choose. Now, a copy of your plan is also stored on for safe keeping. You control who sees your plan. A new feature lets your readers comment on your plan online


Business Plan Pro software is available in two editions to ensure the right combination of power and simplicity to meet your needs. Use the feature comparison chart below to determine which edition is right for you.

New Features Standard Premier
Help Resources at Your Fingertips OK OK
Easier to Use OK OK
More Workspace OK OK
A Better Looking Business Plan OK OK
Interactive Instructions OK OK
More Control OK OK
Tutorials and Free Webinars OK OK
Easy Business Plan Setup OK OK
Detailed Plan Review OK OK
Industry and market research tools Standard Premier
Industry ratios analysis OK OK
Built-in industry research data OK OK
Market Analysis Wizard OK OK
Integrated resources OK OK
Step-by-Step Features and Expert Guidance Standard Premier
500+ Complete Sample Business Plans OK OK
Two Popular Business Books Included OK OK
EasyPlan Wizard® OK OK
Detailed Instructions and Examples OK OK
Row-by-Row Spreadsheet Help OK OK
Wizard-driven Financials OK OK
Tim Berry, the Wizard Behind the EasyPlan Wizard® OK OK
Legal Tools and Business Reference Library OK OK
Plan Review Wizard OK OK
Exit Strategy Guidance OK OK
Business Strategy Development OK OK
Print and Publish Your Plan Standard Premier
Professional, Preferred Format OK OK
Customize Your Plan OK OK
Export to PowerPoint, Includes Templates OK OK
Custom Reports and Documents OK OK
Publish Online - Completely Secure OK OK
Export to Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, Adobe PDF® OK OK
Forecast Expenses, Sales and Growth Standard Premier
Graphic Forecaster OK OK
Long-term financial forecasting OK OK
All the spreadsheets you need OK OK
Automatic charts OK OK
Import from QuickBooks OK OK
Import from Peachtree Complete Accounting OK OK
Plan review OK OK
Download free add-ins OK OK
Plan settings for non-profits OK OK
Import from Excel   OK
Quarterly and 24-month financial data   OK
Visual cash planning with Cash Pilot   OK
Get Funding Standard Premier
Venture Capital (VC) Database OK OK
Friends and Family Financing Guide OK OK
Small Business Administration (SBA) Resources OK OK
Business Valuation   OK
Investment Offering Table   OK
Plan vs. Actual Financial Analysis Standard Premier
Integrated management dashboard   OK
Profit and Loss: Plan vs. Actual   OK
Sales Forecast: Plan vs. Actual   OK
Collaborate with your Team Standard Premier
Collaboration Tools   OK
Create Business Plan Templates   OK
Inside the Box Standard Premier
500+ Complete Sample Business Plans OK OK
The Art of the Start Book, by Guy Kawasaki OK OK
Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning, by Tim Berry OK OK
9,000+ Industry Profiles for Market Research OK OK
The Nolo Small Business Law Center OK OK
Choosing a Legal Structure for Your Small Business OK OK
Free Customized Logo OK OK
Research Your Business – James J. Hill Library OK OK
Free Account OK OK
Discounts on Incorporation Services OK OK
Professional PowerPoint Templates OK OK
Database of Venture Capitalists OK OK
Wall Street Journal online discount OK OK
Friends and Family Financing Guide OK OK

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Palo Alto Software, Inc

You can watch a version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
  • Computer: IBM-compatible Pentium or higher
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, or 2000
    (Mac support is not currently offered)
  • Memory: Same RAM requirements as the operating system
  • Hard disk: space Typically 100 MB of free space. The downloadable installer is roughly 50 MB.
  • Monitor: SVGA (800x600) with 256 colors (1024x768 with 16-bit color recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive: A CD-ROM drive is required to install the software from the CD. Alternatively, the installer can be downloaded from our website and installed without an optical drive.
  • Internet connection: An Internet connection is required to use the product's Internet features.
  • Printer: Any printer supported by the above operating systems

Buy Now US$99.95  Business Plan Pro Standard

Buy Now US$199.95  Business Plan Pro Premier

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