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  SuperPro Asset Depreciation    

SuperPro Asset Depreciation

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What is this Product?

SuperPro Asset Depreciation can save hundreds of dollars on accounting fees. Insures that you are maximizing you depreciation benefits. Reports include a depreciation detail and summary report and a year beginning and ending report. The progam will prduce your IRS forms #4562, Part 11 for current year and Part 111 for prior years and the IRS #4797, Part 1, Sale of Property form. Provides an easily readable detail screen for each asset and show the total depreciation for each. This program requires some knowledge of IRS income tax and depreciatioin laws.


The Asset Details control button on the Menu screen will take you to the Asset Details entry screen. Refer to the [?] for assistance in entering the required information for each asset. You will need to reference the federal depreciation guideline and the instructions for use of federal forms #4562 part 11 for current year and #4562 part 111 for prior years to obtain information concerning appropriate conventions, methods, and corresponding depreciation schedules in order to use this program. There are seven option buttons available in the upper right corner of the screen. There are seven option icons at the top right of the Asset Details screen. The List icon will take the program to a list view of your entered assets. The Find button will place the program in the Find mode and will go to the Asset Find screen. All fields on the screen are searchable fields. Enter the item that you wish to find and choose the Continue button to the left of the screen to complete your find operation. Choose the Cancel button to cancel the find request. The Delete button will delete from the database the currently displayed asset. The Print button will print the currently displayed asset's information. The Add button will create a new record for entering a new asset description. The Menu button will return the screen to the Depreciation Menu screen. The Quit icon will exit SuperPro Asset Depreciation.

Employer Resources

You can download a trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements

The Windows based 32 bit version of SuperPro Asset Depreciation can be utilized in Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or Windows NT4.0 however is not a networkable program. For information concerning networking SuperPro Software contact Employer Resources. The software is created in a Windows XP environment and operates best in that operating system. Requires an Intel-compatible 486/233 computer with at least 32 MB of RAM. SuperPro Software has been designed for full screen viewing in 800 x 600 pixels. This option may be chosen by going to Settings then choosing the control panel and then choosing display and settings. Read this document to get an overview of SuperPro Software and the license agreement for use of the program. Chose the Auto Hide option in Settings and Task Bar for best viewing of SuperPro Asset Depreciation.

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US$24.99 SuperPro Asset Depreciation

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