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  Small Business Tracker Deluxe    

Small Business Tracker Deluxe

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What is this Product?

This easy-to-use accounting software is all you need to keep track of your time, income, expenses, inventory, invoices, schedules and much more. Streamline your business and increase your profits with this free trial software.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe - This new productivity software allows self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of their time, expense, contacts, schedules, invoices and even inventory. Small Business Tracker Deluxe includes Activity & Expense Tracker, Invoice Tracker, Password Tracker, Contact Tracker, Schedule Tracker, Task Tracker, Vehicle Expense Tracker, Version Tracker, Writer's Helper, Inventory Tracker and the Universal Calculator. Invoices and reports can be translated into any language. Users can set preferences for time format, currency symbol, colors and more. Small Business Tracker runs on and shares data between most Windows and Macintosh computers. Free 10 day trial.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe is easy to use home office software that:

• Keeps track of your time and expenses for anyone who bills for their time and materials.

• Tracks your inventory and creates invoices.

• Sends form letters to your contacts.

• Tracks all of your income and expenses.

• Easily generates income tax information.


One of the many components of Small Business Tracker Deluxe is Activity & Expense Tracker

Features Activity & Expense Tracker Benefits
Activity Timer Precise tracking of the hours and minutes you spend working on an activity during a day. Unlimited Clients, Projects, Activity and Expense types. The software expands along with your business needs.
Table View Gives you a snapshot of your time and expenses for a particular project and easily jump to another record.
Flexible Activity Rates Choose hourly or flat rates based on the Client, Project or Activity
Time and Expense Reports You can choose any or all Clients, Projects and Activities for any range of dates. Many other options to pick from.
Activity and Expense Notes Add an unlimited amount of text describing the activity performed and the expenses charged on each record.
Accurate Invoicing Invoice specific or all Projects for any range of dates for a Client. Many options to choose from including rounding off times. Your logo and a custom header are printed at the top of the invoice.
Expense Reporting Easily generate reports with totals for each Expense category for tax preparation.
Timer Log See exactly when you started and stopped the timer for each activity.
Estimated Time Keep track of how much time you estimated or bid for an activity and see how close you came to your estimate.
Collapse Timer You can collapse the window so that only the timer is visible. This allows you to easily start and stop the timer.

Feature Other Small Business Tracker Deluxe Benefits
A&E Invoice Tracker Keep track of all your A&E Tracker invoices and who still owes you money.
Inventory Tracker Keep track of descriptions, stock numbers, quantities, vendor names and part numbers, reorder points, dates and amounts sold, and costs of all your inventory items. Add photos and assign multiple price points.
Inventory Reports Generate reports on sales or prices and inventory items. Many options available.
Invoice Creator Easily create invoices for customers and create packing slips and labels. Add your logo to a custom header.
Expense Tracker Record all your expense payments and travel deductions. View deposits and debits for any number of accounts.
Tax Form Report Get totals for all your expense categories for easy tax preparation.
Other Income Tracker Tracks other income sources for any number of accounts. Works with Expense Tracker to generate Account Registers.
Contact Tracker Send promotional materials or other form letters to all of your clients, vendors, family, friends or any other contacts
Schedule Tracker Display your appointments, deadlines and other important events in Daily, Weekly or Monthly Calendar formats.
Task Tracker Easily creates To Do Lists with room for notes,deadlines,priorities, etc.
Password Tracker Record passwords for your web accounts, etc. and find them easily when needed.
Vehicle Expense Tracker Track repairs, maintenance schedules, fuel and other costs for any number of vehicles.
Version Tracker Record changes between versions of documents or product releases.
Writer's Helper A very simple word processor for storing or writing down your thoughts.
Universal Calculator Works with numbers, dates, times, measurements, currency conversions, discounts, payments and much more.



All the tools you need to accurately track activities & expenses and create invoices.
Each Activity & Expense Tracker record includes a Start and Stop Date (1), Start and Stop Time (2), Client Name (3), Project Name (4), and Activity Type (5). You can specify a Rate (6) that is Hourly, Flat or Non-Billable. The Client or Project can also have a Rate that you can choose (7) instead of the Activity Rate.

You can assign multiple Expenses (8) to a record and Expense Notes (9) of any length. The total of all expenses is displayed in the Expense Amount field (10).

A&E Tracker includes a Timer feature that allows you to stop, pause, or restart the timer with ease. When you click on the Start Timer button (12), the Stop and Pause buttons appear. An indicator will appear in the Total Time field (11) to remind you that a timer is running. While the timer is running, you may add notes and record any expenses. The Timer will continue running until you decide you want to stop it. Even if you quit the program or shut down your computer the timer keeps running.

When you click the Pause button (not shown), it changes to a Go button. Click Go to restart the timer. After pausing the timer, an indicator will appear in the Total Time field (11) to remind you that a timer is paused. When you are finished with an activity, click on the Stop button (also not shown) to complete the record.

You can Allow Multiple Timers to run simultaneously. If this option (to the left of the timer) is not checked, clicking Start Timer will stop any timer that is already running.

You can add Client/Project/Activity combinations to the Favorites List (13). Choosing one of these combinations causes a new record for that Client, Project and Activity to be created (if a record for the current date does not already exist) and automatically starts the timer.

You can also Show the Timer Log (14) and Add, Edit or Remove Start, Stop or Pause times with buttons provided (but not visible in this tour).

You can add Activity Notes (15) of any length at any time.

Keep track of which activities have been Invoiced or Paid by using these two Checkboxes (16). You can also prevent a record from being included in an invoice by checking the On Hold button (17).

When the Mark Records as Invoiced button is clicked after generating an invoice in A&E Tracker, the Invoiced button is checked on each record for that invoice and the Invoice Number is added to the Invoice # field (21).

You can collapse the record window by clicking the Collapse button (18), so that only the portion which shows the Total Time field (11), and Start Timer (or Stop and Pause) button (12) is visible. The Client's Name, Project name and Activity are also displayed.

If you enter an Estimated Time (19) then a Time Variance (20) will be calculated whenever the Total Time (11) is updated.

Use the handy mileage reimbursement calculator (22) to record any trips you want to keep track of for tax purposes. This number is added to the Expense Amount (10) and can be included in Invoices & Reports (25).

Click the Table View button (23) to view the records in a spreadsheet format that you can sort and print.

Click the Quick Check button (24) to find out how many hours you have worked on an activity (or all activities) for a particular project and the total billable amount.

You can save or print out invoices and reports on any Client, Project, Activity or Expense type by clicking the Invoices & Reports button (25).

SpiritWorks Software Development

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs. You may use the Trial version for 10 days before you need to Register the software for unlimited use.

Windows Vista & XP

Mac OSX 10.2 to Mac OSX 10.5

System Requirements
  • Unix / Linux, Mac OS 9/Classic, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows 98, Windows ME, Mac OS X, Mac

US$249.00 Small Business Tracker Deluxe

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