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  Asset Depreciation/Excel & Office365    

Fixed Asset Accounting With MACRS For Excel

Price: US$69.95

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What is this Product?

Our Asset Register for Excel will help you record asset costs, establish current depreciation and book value by class at each month end incorporate tracking codes for locations and managers responsible.

Plus 24 Self Teaching Documents – Start a Hospitality Business - Start up cost estimator – financial costs estimator – food costs estimator – market research cost estimator – financial plan – skill assessment estimator – to get you started with a new hospitality business.

Register 2011.

Asset Using Excel time and date functions you can quickly view all your monthly and cumulative depreciation values as totals, by departments and by individual assets, plus book values.

You can switch the current month end backwards or forwards to calculate depreciation at a year-end or alternative period end.

Buy Fixed Asset Accounting With Excel in order to get benefits and Guarantee

Users can change class standard lives with different depreciation periods and can look up the current balance and age of any asset using bar codes or codes.


Start your own Business Consulting Firm – Contracts – Proposal format - Government Contract forms - Cash Forecasting – Marketing Plan – Business Plan plus thirty additional self help guides.

Start your own Bookkeeping Business – Contracts – Business Plan – Client sign up – Monthly Planning – Weekly Reporting – Budgets – Worksheets

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Self Teaching Documents – Start a Hospitality Business - Start up cost estimator – financial costs estimator – food costs estimator – market research cost estimator – financial plan – skill assessment estimator – 24 forms in total to help you start a new hospitality business.

Among the features built into this version, the user can switch depreciation calculations backwards or forwards in time, instructing your register to calculate depreciation totals and book values at any month end date. Very useful for checking previous year end balances or forecasting cumulative depreciation and book values ahead when preparing financial forecasts.
  • Summarises year to date depreciation balances and written down book values.
  • Depreciation periods can be any number of months for each asset record. No limits.
  • Calculates net gains/losses on disposals.
  • Photo file album included.
  • Demo files are provided with each version so that you can quickly learn how to set up and run your Asset Register.
  • Really useful and easy to use Asset Register for small and medium sized organizations. Used by school boards, libraries, and small and large businesses in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

You can copy existing records held in your Excel into Asset Register using Copy > Paste, and use Excel's Form to enter new record information.

The Asset Register.

Look up any asset record or Class ID for total month to date summaries. (The month end can be adjusted backwards or forwards).

Analyzing average costs per asset Class and numbers of assets per Class.

Year to date Summary Report.

Photo records can be stored in Asset Register, if required.


Xdata Ltd. and Support


30 days money back guarantee.

System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME or XP, Windows 7
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or more.
US$69.95 Asset Depreciation/Excel & Office365

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