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  Bank & Loan Refund Software    

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What is this Product?

Bank & Loan Refund Software is a dual software package to help reclaim lender overcharges on your bank and loan accounts.

CheckMy Bank 2008 for Excel provides a quick way to check and verify compound interest calculations for overdraft bank accounts over 12 consecutive monthly periods.

This program makes recalculating interest when bank charges and/or interest rates are disputed very simple and easy. Users can edit clearing delays, bank holidays, + and - interest rates, bank charges, transaction dates and more.

CheckMy Bank 2008 is a powerful consulting tool to supply to clients when disputes concerning bank overcharges arise.

Buy Loan & Bank Refund Claim Software 2008 in order to get benefits and Guarantee

Each of 12 monthly statement spreadsheet links to a WorkSheet which sums daily credits and debits and calculates daily and monthly interest charges which are carried forward so that the entire 12 months period is linked to monthly compounding interest calculations.

With CheckMy Bank its really easy to recalculate account balances and overdraft interest when unwarranted bank charges or fee issues arise in forms that are presentable to your bank.

This 26 spreadsheet linked Excel workbook provides for any series of bank holidays during 2008, you can vary credit limit settings, clearing days and interest rates.

Use CheckMy Bank 2008 to avoid the costly problem of slipping marginally into overdraft positions based on your cleared balance and paying excessive penalty charges and interest. CheckMy Bank 2008 will show you exactly where your daily cleared balances stand and by careful cash management you can save yourself a substantial amount of unecessary bank charges.

400 bank transaction rows provided for daily credits and debits per calendar month x 12 months x 12 monthly interest worksheets. Positive and Negative interest credits/debits. Calculates and displays daily cleared balances and excess balances based on your credit limit. Sums all bank charges and interest. Nil deposit clearing at weekends and bank holidays.


PLUS: New! Our new Loan Amortization Software. Run any number of loan repayment schedules and check your loan payment deductions. Calculate overpayments caused by unauthorized deductions levied by lenders such as payment protection and insurance. The actual refunds are higher than just return of the unauthorised payments due to shorter repayment periods and savings in interest charges. Use our Loan Amortization Manager to check your loan payments.



Xdata Ltd and Support


30 days money back guarantee.

System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/2000/ME or XP.
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or more.
US$99.95 Bank & Loan Refund Software

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