Online investing - HYIP - alternative investments
by Chris Anderson


Online investment for most of us is a new concept and most of the people are not at all familiar with the world of online investing. What should be understood is that you cannot turn a blind eye towards online investment and you should be well prepared for it. The world of online investment offers un-ignorable returns but on the other hand the risks associated with online investment are also very high. So, there are things that you should be aware of, before you venture into the field of online investment.

If you are unaware of the path ahead, you should always put a tentative foot ahead. The same goes for online investing also. You are starting something new. So, there is no sense in putting all your life's saving's into some online account. It is commonsensical to start with small amount of money. When you find that you can manage your account and when you find that you get decent returns out of your investment, you should think of investing more money in it. That can be the safest way of starting with online investment. It is no doubt time taking but it is also secure.

The best option for investing online or for that matter investment as such is to invest money in mutual funds. The reason is that when you are new to this field, you won't have ample information about the different portfolios. But when you invest in mutual funds, you are piggy banking on the expertise of people who have the know-how in this field. You should also plan on long term investments.

The commission charged by online brokers may be far less than the full service brokers, yet you should be careful in dealing with them. With online investment, you should always be aware that there are many costs that may not seem obvious at a cursory glance. Most of the times, online brokers charge a number of fees that should be studied carefully.

Online investment is perhaps amongst the best ways to invest but it also has some inevitable problems that you would come face to face. So, there may be times when you won't be able to access your account. It may also happen that you might be away from your computer when the market sees a major movement. Online investing can also become a headache if your internet connection is not working. It may also happen that the system of your online firm's server may crash because of some unexpected software problem or for that matter anything could happen to stop trading temporarily. It is thus essential that you have a thorough understanding of the alternative trading options of the online firm you are dealing with. Alternative trading options generally comprise of automated telephone trading or calling a broker.

What should be understood is that if you wish to be successful in your online investment it is imperative that you keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Keep yourself abreast of market developments.


HYIP is perhaps one of the words which have gained great popularity in a very short time. Well, the reason is quite obvious. The reason lies in the name itself-High Yield Investment Program. So, anything that gives high yield is sure to catch attention and it surely has with HYIP. But is all the hype associated with HYIP really worth it? Actually most of the skeptics feel that the whole HYIP scenario is over hyped without any reason. They argue that the whole high yield investment scenario is replete with extravagant and over-optimistic claims. In fact, some of their claims are not without justified reasons. If you look carefully into the field of HYIP, you will find that some of these offers are outright ridiculous. Yes, there are some offers which are very intelligently developed to con the people. Skeptics claim that there is not more than 3% HYIP that actually deliver what they promise.

What you should understand before anything that a vast majority of HYIP programs that you would find in the market won't be of any worth. Most of such offers would require your serious and careful observation before you commit your hard earned money. High yield has always been accompanied with high risk and HYIP is no exception. To be more precise, HYIP is perhaps the most promising investment opportunity that you would find in the market and that is why it is perhaps that most risky investment channel. Also the number of con artists working in this field may break any other previous record.

So, the bottom line would always remain the same with HYIP programs. Invest with caution and reap good benefits out of it but if you lose money don't cry over it. The very decision to invest in a HYIP means that you are willing to take risks in order to gain high yield. But let me not play the spoil sport. Believe me, it is perhaps the best way to invest and the only requirement is a bit of carefulness and observation. Well, it is just a matter of common sense to understand that anyone who is offering obscene returns in an impossible time frame is surely not making genuine claims. And if you are gullible enough to believe such claims, you have no right to be in this field in the first place.

The best thing about this HYIP field is that you don't need to work full time to invest and manage your investment. Working moms can make merry with HYIP, so can full time working professionals. They don't need to give more than half an hour a day to take benefit out of their investments. And the best thing about High Yield investments is that there is so much material out there to help you with your investments. Articles like this which you are reading at present are present aplenty on the internet. So, your can easily get sufficient online investing tips to generate income.


So, you have money and you want to invest in HYIP. It's a pretty good thinking. HYIP is really rocking at this moment but and this is a very big BUT. Do you know how to play in the big league? If no then there is every probability that you would burn your fingers. Investment is a matter of risk and you should not be lured into thinking that nothing can go wrong. Things do go wrong if you are not careful.

The best strategy with investing in any HYIP is to take your initial investment out as soon as possible. Yes, go on re-investing with the profits made from that particular program. You can also invest just half of your profits while keeping the half with you. So, you would be making profits while continuing with the investments. Now, if you are thinking why such precautions when you know that your program ahs been a steady performer for the last one year. Well, well. Just hold on. The fact is that most of these programs actually have posted on their sites that past performances are no guarantee for future performances. And you should take a cue from them. This is very true. Past performance can never be the guarantee for future performances. There are hordes of unpaid investors to prove this point.

There are some programs that pay you returns in their internal accounts. It would be the safest and the most intelligent thing to withdraw your money as frequently as possible and to never let it accumulate. In addition to that when it comes to choosing between compounding and non-compounding options, most of the experts are of the opinion that a non-compounding one would be a lot safer and saner. Yes, you may find that the returns won't be up to the expectations but remember your Sunday school classes. Greed is not good. Similarly, if you have found a new program that seems very good, don't take the plunge outright. Be patient. Wait for a while. Examine whether the program actually delivers or are the claims hollow. Most of the programs which are there to scam its investors don't last for a few months. So, wait for a few months and see for yourself the genuineness of the programs.

You can do one more thing. Just examine their website. If you find that the script is professional with good security features, it would mean that they actually mean business and most probably they are not there for a short term. Contrary to that, if the script is just standard with no specific security features, in most probability the owners would run away with your money. You should also avoid investing in programs offering very high returns.

If you find that the program is offering you very high referral commission that is the commission that is being paid to you to attract new customers. This is the typical sign of the program being a pyramid or ponzi scheme and the smartest thing that you can do is to keep away from such schemes. And what's more, you would be the reason for others losing money. So, keep a safe distance from such programs. You can also get a very good idea of such programs by listening to the feedbacks of people who are already associated with that program.


There can never be a definite strategy for investing in HYIP. No one can claim to have a perfect strategy for investing in HYIP. The fact remains that we can give you a general idea about HYIP and it would remain for you to make suitable choices. You should be well aware of the general happenings of the world of HYIP to make intelligent decisions.

The whole world of HYIP is full of "Pyramid/Ponzi" schemes. What these scheme operators does is that they pay you out of the interests of deposits of new members. In reality they don't do any actual trading. And as a result they manage to remain afloat for some time, may be for a month or two and when the numbers of new members investing in these schemes get reduced, the owners close down the programs and you would have to say good bye to your money. You would be surprised to know that the operation of such pyramid schemes is utterly illegal in most of the countries but the fact remains that once you have lost your money, you would find it very difficult or almost impossible to get your money back. And if you are engaged in transaction through any of the e-currencies the probability of recovery plunges down to nil because of their policy of irreversibility of transactions and high confidentiality (which in most of the cases influences people to have such accounts in the first place). The only thing that you can do is to take legal help which would be time consuming as well as money consuming. So, don't let yourself getting scammed, because there is no chance of getting your money back.

So, there must be some way to ensure that you don't get scammed in the first place. There surely are a number of details that you can look into to avoid getting scammed. The first thing that you can do is to look at their URL. You should look whether they are using paid hosting services or are they using free hosting services. For free hosting services the URL would be something like while for a paid hosting, the domain would resemble something like You should understand this that if a company cannot afford to pay for hosting services, how it would be able to pay the promised high returns. The same goes for email addresses. If the email address is something like, it is paid while if it is of yahoo or hotmail, it is free. It would be wise of you not to invest in a company which cannot afford to have paid hosting and email services. Every company worth its salt eschews free stuff.

What you should understand is that in reality HYIP is in the same mould as gambling. If you are planning to invest your life's saving into it, please avoid it. It does not matter whether the program in which you are planning to invest is completely genuine or the company has been in business for a relatively long period. All your investments can get completely wiped out in a day with the slightest hiccups in global financial markets. But yes, the reverse is also very true. You can really get high yield in a very short time with your investments. It's your luck and common sense. It would be better though to choose five or six programs and diversify your investments.

Hope you benefit with these strategies.

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