How to Navigate in Excel Without Using Scrollbars or Arrows
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You have a long column of scroll down...suddenly you've gone too far. Here are ways to stop doing that forever.


  1. Select any cell in the column - The cell will now have a thick line around it to indicate it is selected.

  2. Position the mouse on the bottom-centre of the rectangle where the arrow points

  3. The cursor changes from a "black & white plus" to a "North-South-East-West arrow"
  4. Double click the bottom-centre to move to the last cell in the column.
  5. Double click the top-centre to move to the first cell in the column.
  6. Double click the left-centre to move to the first cell in the row.
  7. Double click the right-centre to move to the last cell in the row.


  • Make sure you don't move your mouse as you double click or you may not do what you wanted.
  • Clicking on any edge of the rectangular selection will work - I usually aim for the centre of an edge for safety.


  • If you double-click the bottom-right of the cell, you will copy the formula down the column. So if you want to move to the right-most cell, make sure you click in the right-centre of the cell.
  • Double clicking the bottom-right of the cell only works if the column to the left has data, since Excel won't know how far to copy the formula down.

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