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  Project Management  
Developer: Efficient Software Systems Ltd.

Team@Work is a Workflow / Project Management system. It coordinates the work of team members by automatically distributing tasks according to predefined rules. It is designed from the ground up for the specific needs of organizations with 50 to 5,000 employees.

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Projetex 2006
Developer: Advanced International Translations

Projetex 2006 is Project Management Software for Translation Agencies. It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management.

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Developer: Ramtech Software Solutions, Inc.

With it's graphical interface and group participation web-based interface make it easy to organize the decision goals, objectives, et

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Schedule EZ Pro
Developer: Service Management Solutions

Schedule EZ Pro. Wide range automatic scheduling program for businesses with complex scheduling issues.

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Developer: EasyProjectPlan
Create project plans in Excel using EasyProjectPlan, Distribute the EasyProjectPlanę file to Team Members, Team Members make changes to the distributed EasyProjectPlanę files, and more...
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Mission Expert
Developer: Kinetic Wisdom, Inc.
Mission Expert helps you create vision and mission statements for successful organizations.
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Developer: ProjectWizards GmbH

Merlin is the model tool for project management for Mac OS X. Merlin is a compact but powerful project management application, with which each user can effortlessly plan a variety of projects.

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SmartDraw Suite Edition
SmartDraw Suite Edition is the easy drawing tool for flowcharts, org charts, floor plans,and more. Includes over 50,000 pre-drawn images. Works perfect with MS Office.
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ConceptDraw Project
Developer: Computer Systems Odessa
ConceptDraw Project, a simple way to plan, track and report several concurrent project.
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Spreadsheet Scheduler
Developer: User Solutions, Inc.

Spreadsheet Scheduler is a toolkit containing 14 ready-to-use, practical models for a variety of common scheduling problems. The models are spreadsheet templates that work with all popular spreadsheets.

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VIP Team To Do List
Developer: VIP Quality Software, Ltd.

A professional time and task management software for managing projects, workflow, and resources in small and midsize business.

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Developer: Terilyon Software Ltd.

A practical tool to help your business, a semi-automatic and smart time tracking package used by businesses world wide.

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Developer: i-ssis inc

AccuPlan enables users to design a detailed, step-by-step plan of a project where tasks, labor and material resources are tightly coupled with time and budgets.

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Developer: soft-evolution

Bring your appointments, contact and tasks on your notebook "when you are on the go" and whatever you add change or delete will be automatically synchronized with your home computer when you connect your notebook back to your local network.

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ToDo Organizer Deluxe
Developer: PrimaSoft PC, Inc.

Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all your daily tasks, personal or business activities, or any to do items.

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Project Management Scorecard for Excel
Developer: AKS-Labs

It is essential to calculate the key performance indicators for the project management as they help to evaluate the success of the completed project that is to say whether it is completed at the specific level of quality, on time and within budget. Some of the indicators such as number of conflicts, employee turnover, shortage of resources, excessive work hours, and inadequate work breakdown structure point to the reasons of failure or under-quality performance.

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TimeTool - Pro
Developer: Productive Tools

TimeTool - Pro is a windows based program which tracks time spent on projects, and can be used by a single employee, a project group or an entire company.

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Gantt Chart Creator for Excel
Developer: The Spreadsheet Store
Create Gantt charts in Excel. The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel is a project management software for Microsoft Excel designed for those who need a quick and easy project planning software solution for a reasonable price.
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Developer: MinuteMan Systems

A comprehensive, easy to learn, and inexpensive way to rapidly manage your projects, manage large or small projects with up to 1,000 tasks.

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Excel Scheduler
Developer: User Solutions, Inc.

Excel Scheduler is a sub-set of the Spreadsheet Scheduler, containing all models except job/workcenter models.

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Developer: AceSoftHouse

DevPlanner is a time planning and to-do list software that allows keeping track of projects, personal tasks, and other activities.

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PlanBee Critical Path Project Management
Developer: Guy Software

PlanBee Critical Path Project Management Planning Tool - alternative to MS Project.

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Project Planning and Management
Developer: Business Spreadsheets
The Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic, affordable, Excel based solution to plan and manage any project.
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Lucky Reminder
Developer: 024h Software
Lucky Reminder daily/weekly/montly reminder software for home and office.
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Developer: Image Integration

II_WorkProjectPro keep track of how much time you spend doing different working projects.

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Developer: iLore Inc.

ProjectTrack is a project management software tool for managing & tracking projects, risks, issues, changes, documents and more

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