• Model Builder for Excel
    Model Builder for Excel
    Goal Seeker for Excel will automatically, allow you getting goal seek solutions in a cell (or entire range) changing a specific value in a cell (or range).
  • Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel
    Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel
    Multi Scenarios Manager for Excel is a powerful tool which will allow you to create and evaluate your models' scenarios in Excel.
  • Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel
    Spreadsheet Auditor for Excel
    Analyze and correct errors in a simple, easy manner – just in seconds – probably saving you millions of Dollars, or your lifetime savings.
  • Conditional Formatting
    Conditional Formatting for Excel
    Analyze your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets' information easily and swiftly, using "n" levels of Conditional Formatting available with this powerful tool.


  • Excel Financial Templates Collection
    Excel Financial Templates Collection
    Our Financial Excel All Programs & Services provides 150 business finance spreadsheets which will help you analyze investments, forecast cash flows, set up budgets and model financial statements and forecasts...
  • QuickValue PRO 2011
    QuickValue PRO 2011
    After sales service advertisement: 5,000 business contacts want professional, DIY and industrial tools, electronics & automation, office stationery, paper & equipment.
  • Financial Excel Collection
    Financial Excel Collection
    All Programs Complete Set Gold Edition supplies all our Excel templates/workbooks for business finance applications.
  • Savings & Investment Planner
    Savings & Investment Planner
    ESavings & Investment Planner provides the perfect financial assistance if you want to seriously improve your personal finances.
  • Consolidated Budgeting with Excel
    Consolidated Budgeting with Excel
    Developed by the team retained as consultants by companies in the UK, USA and Canada to negotiate investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - 100% success...
  • Inventory Manager PRO For Excel
    Inventory Manager PRO For Excel
    Inventory Manager provides manufacturing and operations decision support for inventory management and scheduling with Excel. Maximum 10,000 inventory items capacity.
  • Financial Statement Forecasting PRO
    Financial Statement Forecasting PRO
    When you need a quick snap way to create your financial statement forecasts for your senior managers, bank manager or investors use Financial Statement Forecasting PRO.
  • Excel Add-ins & Training Bible
    Excel Add-ins & Training Bible
    Now includes latest Excel address lists, company names, stock symbols, cash balances, contact emails of dynamic Canadian capital blind pool investment firms. Public trading shares.
  • Quick 3 Year Plan
    Quick 3 Year Plan
    Our complete collection of our financial plan workbooks provides 50 business finance spreadsheets plus 9 Excel Add-ins and full Excel Training Course to help you create your forecasts quickly and easily.
  • Quick Budget Plan for Investors
    Quick Budget Plan for Investors
    This Excel workbook will help you negotiate and secure investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - we scored 100% success for our clients using this approach.



Corporate Strategy



  • Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables
    You don't figure out what they can do for you. Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables, by only:
    US$ 69.95
  • Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel
    Two useful Online Functions: Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel By just $ 74.95

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