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Formatting Options Formatting Options
Title Title
Color Font Color Font
Cell's format Cell's format
Format Borders
Format Range Format Range
Bullets Bullets
Format Date Format Date
Format Number Format Number
Change Case Change Case
Change horizontal alignment Change horizontal alignment
Change Vertical Alignment Change Vertical Alignment
Format cell's Height Format cell's Height
Format Cell's Width Format Cell's Width
Unhide/hide Columns Unhide/hide Columns
Unhide/hide Rows Unhide/hide Rows
Clarify/Intensify Colors Clarify/Intensify Colors
Copy and Save selection as image Copy and Save selection as image
Add notes
Text Box
Highlights and Arrows
Copy & Paste chart format
Apply & Save chart styles
View active book charts
Add Label
Move Labels
Add Images
Resize Charts
Easy Print Easy Print
Toggle Settings Toggle Settings
Freeze Pane Freeze Panes
Arrange Windows
My favorites
File information
Delete unused styles
Sheets manager
Export sheets as...
Copy Color From Another Book
Apply colors (for Excel 2007)
Select Alternate Rows Shading Select Alternate Rows Shading
Add/Remove Text
Add text as Number Format
Superscript and Underscript Superscript and Underscript
Custom cells alignment Custom cells alignment
Apply your Favorite Palette
Change Chart Colors
Change Chart Colors
Add Borders Format Bar
Dotted Line Tool Dotted Line Tool
Add Images & Objects Toolbar
Draw a circle
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