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What is this Product?

MergeExcel is software created specially for analysts and managers working with data.

What are the employees of your company working on? How do they spend the money of your company? Which resources do you need to use in order to reach the result planned? MergeExcel will help you answering such questions.

MergeExcel extends the opportunities of working with Microsoft® Excel documents. It allows you to merge Excel documents and, most importantly, to analyse and edit data in a unique pivot table and export the result of your work back into source files or save as a separate document. These functions are what makes MergeExcel a tool that can help you to carry out everyday tasks quickly and easily.

Use MergeExcel when you carry out

analysis of resources needed
analyses of plans and the working results of your associates
analyses of events’ results
analyses of warehouse
and for many other.
In order to solve such tasks you should send out identical Excel documents to employees, ask them to fill it in and combine the ready documents in MergeExcel. The next step consists of work with a united data. You can carry out the analysis, add comments or change the data. MergeExcel allows users to save changes in initial documents which further can be returned to employees for further work. You also can save the united document as a separate file.

MergeExcel will be especially interesting for companies which do not have "huge" information systems, but at the same time work with various data. Other companies will find the work with MergeExcel convenient because MergeExcel helps get fast solution so it can cope with tasks difficult for "bigger" programs.

Working with MergeExcel is simple. With only a few easy steps you can get the result you need.


Save your time and nerves with Advanced Excel Select:

  • A single dropdown menu on a toolbar.
  • Select rows and columns that have the same format with the button on a toolbar.
  • Simple installation and clean uninstallation.

Real Life Example:

Assume, you decide to optimize the process of stationery buying in your company.

To do this you  need to:

  • Collect the requests of stationery from all the associates.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Add necessary adjustments.
  • Make a united document for buying stationery.

The first step usually consists of creating the appropriate Excel file and sending it out to associates. For a convenient analysis the file should be structured as it is showed below.


After the document was send out and filled in by associates, we have to import data in MergeExcel.

Let us analyze the imported data. Choosing the convenient slice for data analysis we find the values demanded either special attention or editing.

Analysis cube

With a double-click open the cell for editing and edit the data.

Data editing

After analyzing and editing the values, export the data back into initial files.

Export of data

Thus any reasonable quantity of files from employees can be gathered and all files are united in one data array. After the analysis and-or correction of the data the information can be exported back to source files and-or in one file.

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US$99.00 MergeExcel

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