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What is this Product?

FindReplaceExcel is a find/replace utility to search Excel files for text, values and comments and replace the text inside cells automatically without opening workbooks .

The program can search ranges in worksheets. Multiple drives and directories can be searched. Individual worksheets can be searched within workbooks. Cells can be searched for partial text matching and/or case letters. Search Protected and password encrypted files.

  • perform fast searches and text replacement
  • search individual worksheets and workbooks
  • backup workbooks before replacing cells
  • search and replace by range row OR range column
  • find numbers or strings in EXCEL cells
  • search by values, formulas and comments
  • search/replace by partial text matching or whole word matching in cells
  • search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CD\DVD Rom drives, and network drives.
  • display file properties by right clicking file results
  • search multiple directories and drives,
  • change color of cell being replaced by text
  • view files
  • search results can be printed or saved to a file for analysis
  • enter beginning range and end range of rows and columns to be searched
  • find and replace comments
  • replace blank cells within worksheets by text
  • replace cells with nothing
  • search protected and password encrypted files

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System Requirements
  • WIN 98, ME, XP, Vista
US$45.00 FindReplaceExcel

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