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  ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition    

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What is this Product?

ExcelSmartTools was developed during the last months, and adds new features or upgrades existing features to Microsoft Excel. Some of new commands are: File Print Preview Selection, Convert Formulas to Value, Sheet Index, Change Cases. New functions retrive sheet name, workbook name and properties, like author name. ExcelSmartTool Premium Edition is a general purpose tool written for all Microsoft Excel users, from beginners to advanced users.

ExcelSmartTools main feature is Spelling Numbers, a tool that spells numbers in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Spelling Numbers
  • File Print Preview Selection
  • File Print Labels (a powerful tool for labels and mail merge)
  • Edit Copy Selection As Printed
  • Edit Convert Formula To Value
  • Insert Function Map
  • Format Change Case
  • Format Numbering
  • Workbook properties functions (book name, sheet name, etc)
  • ExcelSmartTools Toolbar
  • SumIf Bold functions
  • Purchasing Functions
  • Random Number functions
  • Production Functions
  • Area and Volume Functions
  • File Save All Open Workbooks
  • Hide and Unhide Sheets / Workbooks
  • Smart Statistics
  • Smart Frequencies
  • The Gantt Chart Spreadsheet (only on registered users)

ExcelSmartTools Toolbar
ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition - excel add-ins

Hide and Unhide Sheets / Workbooks
ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition - m.g. moreira

Smart Statistics
ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition - office add-ins

Smart Frequencies
ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition - excelsmarttools premium edition

The Gantt Chart Spreadsheet

ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition - office add-ins

M.G. Moreira

You can download a 30-day FREE trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
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US$50.00 ExcelSmartTools Premium Edition

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