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What is this Product?

ExcelPipe is a mass search and replace tool designed to ease the editing of hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets when they all need changing, such as changing an organization's phone number, address, web site, CEO etc.

ExcelPipe takes ALL the hard work out of replacing text across multiple Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. Just imagine - next time your organization changes its phone number, address, web site or CEO - just run ExcelPipe across your file server or website to fix all affected spreadsheets in one hit. Translators can use ExcelPipe's grid to define multiple search/replace pairs.

Search and Replace multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Change hyperlinks and UNC paths when servers get renamed; update contact details such as names, addresses and phone numbers; translate spreadsheets with find/replace lists; update Microsoft SharePoint documents or Microsoft Namespace Server mappings.

Using ExcelPipe is simple. 1) Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to ExcelPipe, or right-click the files or folders to process in Windows Explorer and choose ExcelPipe. 2) Add one or more search/replace pairs. 3) Go!

ExcelPipe can change thousands or millions of spreadsheets, and can make multiple changes simultaneously to save time. It automatically handles read-only files, passwords and other protection, and it can be automated to run overnight or over a weekend. No user interaction is required. It even includes restart recovery in case Microsoft Excel crashes!

ExcelPipe offers many more search and replace options than Microsoft Excel; such as hyperlinks, text boxes, shapes, document properties (such as Title, Subject, Author, Company etc) and more. EasyPatterns and Perl regex patterns can also be used.

Unlike competing products, ExcelPipe is fully Unicode compliant (allowing Find and Replace with international character sets), and can handle an unlimited number of spreadsheets and find/replace pairs. ExcelPipe can also update ISO-9001 version numbers.

Use it for...

  • Standardizing corporate name changes such as your organization's phone number, address, web site or CEO
  • Performing server consolidations where document links need updating
  • Server renaming or replacement where document links need updating
  • Updating documents to use Microsoft Namespace Server mappings
  • Changing part numbers or SKUs across multiple files
  • Translating documents
  • and much more.
User benefits
  • Fast!
  • No limit on the number of spreadsheets processed - use it across an entire file server or web server
  • Translators can import search/replace lists from Excel, CSV- or Tab-delimited files
  • Easy to use with integrated online help
  • Supports the same search and replace options as Microsoft Excel, plus much more
  • Stand-alone - doesn't integrate directly with Excel so it doesn't destabilize your installation
  • Update documents to use Microsoft Namespace Server mappings
  • Translations are available for other languages.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

To use ExcelPipe with Microsoft SharePoint Services, just specify a UNC path to the document root e.g. \\servername\path

  • NEW! Now can search/replace inside Chart Titles and Defined Names
  • Now can change the path of embedded OLE and DDE links to databases and other sources.
  • Unicode search and replace
  • Search-Only mode
  • Search and replace with all Excel's options such as Match Case, Whole Cell/Partial Cell etc, plus more.
  • Handles any number of sub folders
  • Search and replace inside hyperlink addresses
  • Search and replace UNC link paths
  • Search and replace inside shapes
  • Search and replace inside built in document properties and custom properties such as Title, Subject, Author, Company etc
  • Search and replace inside headers and footers
  • Works with Windows SharePoint Services document libraries
  • Fully Unicode compliant - search and replace international character sets (unlike competing products)
  • Allows replacements to be longer than 255 characters (Microsoft Excel limits this to 255)
  • Control the spreadsheet types used - so you can process .xls,  or any custom spreadsheet type
  • Can be automated or scheduled via the command line, and settings are saved in an easy-to-edit or generate XML format
  • Handles password-protected spreadsheets - these get flagged for manual follow-up
  • Read only documents can be processed or skipped
  • Easy to install/uninstall
  • The original file date and time stamp can be preserved.
Features ExcelPipe Lite ExcelPipe Full
Recommended for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Use (not enforced)  
Recommended for Corporate/Organizational Use (not enforced)  
Suggested document volume (*see note below) Suggestion:
Less than 100 (*)
100 or more (*)
Handle multiple search/replace rows (no limit)
Handle multiple files and folders (no limit)
Handle passwords
Import lists from Microsoft Excel
Can be run on a server  
Change files on LOCAL drives (C:, D:, E: etc)
Change files on network drives (\\server\share or mapped drives)  
Update ISO 9001 revision numbers  
Control which version of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint to connect to (where multiple versions have been installed)  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint after processing a given number of documents  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint if unresponsive for XX seconds  
Restart Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint executable directly after a Microsoft failure  


You can download a 30-day fully-functional trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
FREE Trial

System Requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Vista 64
  • All versions of Microsoft Excel ( 98, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007 ) or Microsoft Office ( 98, 2000, 2002, XP, 2003, 2007 ), but not Excel 97
  • Hard Disk with 2 MB free disk space
  • 32 MB RAM

Multi-user, Site and Enterprise licenses are also available to enhance the efficiency of your entire team.

Note: Under Excel 97 and earlier, the Search Inside Hyperlink Addresses feature does not work because in these versions of Excel the hyperlink address is read-only, not read/write as in later versions. Excel 98 and onwards all work properly. Note that this does not affect the ability of ExcelPipe to search and replace the hyperlink displayed text - which is quite different to the actual hyperlink address.


US$49.95 ExcelPipe lite

US$499.00 ExcelPipe Full

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