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What is this Product?

ConsoXL the quickest way to consolidate excel sheets. If you send out spreadsheets to affiliates, branches, departments...and later need to consolidate them all, or if you simply need to consolidate identical sheets, ConsoXL will save you hours of work.

When you create an Excel file format to be fulfilled and want to consolidate all the files, you need to repeat over and over the same Excel operations, sheets and cells selection, copy etc. When a file is changed or updated the process has to start again. This is a time consuming activity and error-prone.

ConsoXL has a different approach. Instead of asking you to select each sheet and cell and apply a formula it will build the consolidation model by analyzing the content of the files. It uses by default the sum function for all numbers and keeps formulas. Therefore the only remaining thing to do is to determine how to group the sheets. Most often as they come from the same initial form they have the same name, the filename being the name of the department, branch etc. This is much faster than making manual selection and it’s safer in the sense that no cell will be left aside.

ConsoXL starts Excel, loads the files and does the full consolidation process. The outcome is one Excel workbook containing either:

  • The total for each group of sheet
  • The total and the details in the comments, so you don’t need to move from one sheet to another to see where the values are coming from.
  • The total and all the sheets from the different files. The sheets are linked to the total. This is handy for simulation.

A summary is added at the end so you always know which files where used for a specific consolidation.

How to install this add-in for Excel
  • Excel sheets consolidation without parameters.
  • Creates a workbook with consolidated sheets and details sheets.
  • Consolidated sheets may be linked with details sheets.
  • Add Excel files by drag and drop, or use the standard file dialog.
  • Get the Total and all the details on the same sheet.
  • Keeps formulas (see the help file).
  • Add or remove files and get the new result.
  • No need to select sheet by sheet and cell by cell.
  • Free format for the sheets, no template to follow.
  • No macros 
  • Automatic grouping of sheets.
  • Built-in default consolidation rules (can be overridden)
  • Consolidation report including the list of files (date etc.).
  • Automatic revision number. 

You can download a 60-day fully-functional trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
FREE Trial

System Requirements
  • Works on a personal computer
  • Windows Vista, XP (Home and Professional), Windows 2000
    Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP (2002), Excel 2000, Excel 97
  • Unicode (support for a broad range of national character sets)
US$75.00 ConsoXL

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