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What is this Product?

Powerful technical analysis and data downloading software for Microsoft Excel. It is a library of 165 technical analysis functions, indicators and experts. It downloads free historical end-of-day stocks, indexes, mutual funds and futures data, 15-minutes delayed and real time quotes for stocks, options, indexes, futures and other securities for more than 50 markets worldwide. You can automatically build charts, create macros.

Types of Functions
An indicator is used to determine the trend of a market, the strength of the market and the direction of the market. An expert is a stock market system such as Bill Williams' Profitunity. Expert functions produce special outputs, such as Buy/Sell signals, trend directions and more.

Types of Outputs
All functions are categorized by the type of output they produce. There are two types of outputs: Formulas and Values. Formulas are automatically re-calculated when you change input data, whereas Values remain the same. With Formulas, you do not need to re-enter range references or function parameters when you update data.

For functions that output Values, AnalyzerXL provides a macro-building feature to improve the updating process. These macros can easily be called when you update your data. There are two types of macros: Local and Global. Local macros can only be called from the workbook in which they were created, whereas Global macros can be called from any workbook.

  • 146 technical analysis functions, indicators, and experts.
  • Built-in charts for more accurate analysis.
  • Macro creation and management.

AnalyzerXL Toolbar.

AnalyzerXL Wizard - Step 1. Selecting category and technical analysis function.

AnalyzerXL Wizard - Step 2. Entering range references and function parameters.

AnalyzerXL Output. Cutler's RSI Expert - Buy/Sell Signals.

AnalyzerXL LLC.

You can download a 10-day trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
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System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 2000/XP
US$99.95 AnalyzerXL Package

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