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  TimeTool - Pro    

timetool - pro,  time track, time sheet, project, employee time sheet, project report

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What is this Product?

TimeTool is a windows based program which tracks time spent on projects. TimeTool can be used to generate employee time sheets, customer invoices, billing reports, project activity reports or simply track time spent on projects/customers over a certain time period. TimeTool can be used by a single employee, a project group or an entire company.

TimeTool is designed for anyone who must keep an accurate record of time spent on projects. For example, an accountant is working on a Tax Return for one customer, and receives a call from another customer. Both customers are billable, however, instead of writing down the time spent on the two customers or guessing how much time was spent on each, ... with a simple click of the mouse an accurate time is automatically recorded.

TimeTool is a non-obstructive program which allows easy switching between projects. TimeTool is non-obstructive because projects can be initiated from the system tray without opening any windows over top of important work. TimeTool runs in the background and keeps accurate time during the duration of a project.

  • A tutorial to help get better aquatinted with TimeTool.
  • A project notes section to allow adding project notes for each project.
  • An ajustable time-slot interface which gives the ability to adjust project’s time directly from the control panel.
  • 22 intergrated reports with a easy to use report screen.
  • 7 XML databases, to allow almost any custom crystal reports generated .rpt file.
  • An action item screen, serves as a reminder for unfinished tasks.
  • Icons in the system tray.
  • An installer, which allows for repair and backup capabilities.
  • International currency, time, and date support.

The Control screen is used to initiate new projects as well as add notes for each project. A new break down interface was added to allow simpler project start & stop time modification. Notes for previous projects can be viewed by clicking and hovering over a project.

timetool - pro,  time track, time sheet, project, employee time sheet
TimeTool now has an integrated crystal reports viewer with 22 different reports. TimeTool can generate 7 different types of databases which crystal reports can use to generate custom reports. These report files can then be incorporated in to the TimeTool report screen. Below is a screen show of the reports screen.

timetool - pro,  time track, time sheet, project, employee time sheet

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You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.


US$49.95 TimeTool - Pro

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