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Team @ work , Team work software

Price: US$945.00 

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What is this Product?

Team@Work is a Workflow / Project Management system. It coordinates the work of team members by automatically distributing tasks according to predefined rules. It is designed from the ground up for the specific needs of organizations with 50 to 5,000 employees. Yet it offers the kind of advanced functionality typically seen only in expensive, high-end Business Process Management solutions that are practical only in large corporations.

Team@Work is applicable in a variety of business scenarios. You can use it to run simple projects, distribute and coordinate tasks within the firm, keep track of work in progress, manage teams. You can also design and manage highly sophisticated workflows with alternative execution paths, complex dependencies, and distributed decision-making. Team@Work provides real-time information on the status of projects, individual and department workloads. The integrated document management system acts as a virtual forum where employees can store, organize, and exchange project-related knowledge.

  • Real-time project management, work coordination and task tracking.
  • Sophisticated process modeling.
  • Integrated document management system enables effective knowledge management.
  • Robust, reliable, scalable workflow engine.
  • Client-server architecture. All data is stored on the server.
  • Delivered over an intranet and/or the Web.
  • Proprietary security system - does not interfere with existing security mechanisms.
  • Multiplatform: runs on MS Windows, Unix, Linux.
  • Embedded database - does not require an external database application. However, all data can be exported to an external database for storage or analysis
  • No external dependencies - does not require a separate application server, web server, etc.
  • The most widely used tool in the Team@Work suite is browser-based - thus no installation required on most computers in the organization.
  • Easy to use - for most users no special training is required.
  • Sample database included.
  • Simple installation and administration. Team@Work is extremely easy to install. In case need arises it can as easily be deinstalled without a trace.

Editing workflows in Designer


Coordinating projects, managing tasks and team workload with Task Manager


Analyzing projects, schedules, workload in Reports

Efficient Software Systems Ltd.

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements

Supported platforms: MS Windows (NT,2000,XP), Linux (all distributions), UNIX (HP-UX 11)

Hardware requirements: 800MHz processor, or better; 256 MB RAM; 200 MB HDD space


US$945.00  Team @ Work Professional v2.5.x

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