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  SmartDraw Suite Edition    

Price: US$197.00

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What is this Product?
Create great-looking business graphics of all kinds in minutes
Click to Play Video Only SmartDraw draws for you. Select a template, input your information, and SmartDraw does the rest—aligning everything automatically and applying professional design themes for professional-quality results every time.
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Select a template: Choose from over 100 kinds of business graphics.

Add your information: Add your info with single-click commands.

SmartDraw does the rest: SmartDraw automatically connects, aligns, and styles
all the elements for you.

If you need a great looking flowchart, org chart, floor plan, calendar, form, presentation or any other type of chart or diagram, but you don't have time to learn a new, complex program, the SmartDraw Suite Edition is perfect for you. You'll get:

SmartDraw Suite Edition, Drawing Tool

  • Instant productivity, you'll have professional results in minutes—even if you've never drawn anything before
  • Instant usability, just drag-and-drop the shapes you need (see all symbols and templates)
  • Image Plug-In, add and edit your own photos
  • Free, live, in-house support
  • A money-back guarantee


SmartDraw is a solution for everyone. It works with what you know (Word®, PowerPoint®, and more) and provides an endless range of benefits.

SmartDraw Suite is perfect for creating:
  • Flowcharts
  • Org Charts
  • Floor Plans
  • Network Diagrams
  • Gantt charts
  • Calendars
  • Flyers & Cards
  • Timelines
  • Forms
  • Software Designs
  • BPM charts
  • Medical Diagrams
  • Engineering Schematics
  • Science Presentations
  • Maps
  • And much more!
  • Flowchart, Office ApplicationsIt's as Easy as Drag-and-Drop
    If you know how to use a mouse, you know how to use SmartDraw. Making a flowchart, floor plan, organizational chart, Gantt chart, calendar, family tree, computer network diagram, or anything with SmartDraw takes three simple steps:

    1. Click on the shape or symbol you want
    2. Drag it wherever you want on the page
    3. Repeat as necessary

    The SmartDraw Suite Edition includes more than 60,000 professionally designed templates, shapes, and symbols for you to use (plus you can quickly create or import both your own drawings and your own photographs). With SmartDraw, you'll look like a graphics genius in just a few minutes!

    And don't forget our free, live help and money-back guarantee.

    SmartDraw Works with What You Know...
    SmartDraw is Built to Work Easily with Other Programs!
    Put SmartDraw graphics into:

    Word Perfect®

    with one-click buttons or save your drawing in Adobe PDF format

    And SmartDraw does what other programs simply cannot do. Have you tried to make a flowchart or organizational chart in Word or PowerPoint, and found it to be too time-consuming and the results too boring? Have you found Visio® too pricey or technical? That's why we created SmartDraw, or, as many of our customers call it, the "missing piece" of office software.


    The SmartDraw Suite Edition helps you draw professional flowcharts, org charts, Gantt charts, mechanical and software diagrams, floor plans, calendars—any kind of business drawing, chart, or diagram—in just a few minutes. We created it to be easy-to-use, but powerful enough to always deliver eye-catching, effective, expert results.

    The SmartDraw Suite Edition includes more than 63,000 ready-made graphics and templates, wizards for creating your drawings, automatic chart builders, and so much more. SmartDraw runs on your PC, and provides immediate benefits to both individual users and entire organizations.

    • Ease of Use
      No design experience or even artistic skill is required to create professional charts, diagrams and graphics with SmartDraw: the "talent" is built-in—there is no learning curve at all.
    • The Right Tools for the Task
      Use more than 63,000 graphics—symbols, templates, and more—and enjoy functionality such as line hopping, automatic dimensioning, and FreeForm drawing.
      • Symbols and Templates
      • Drawing Tools
      • Lines
    • A Custom Solution: Create Your Own Symbols, Templates, and Libraries
      Edit existing symbols and templates, or build your own; and create custom libraries, keeping the tools you use most often right where you need them.
    • Integration with Other Programs: SmartDraw Works with What You Know
      SmartDraw works hand-in-hand with Word®, PowerPoint®, and many of the other programs and products you may already know.
    • Free Help, Free Support, Unlimited Downloads, and More
      SmartDraw provides FREE live support, a knowledge base, and many built-in aids—wizards, tutorials, and more—to help you get the results you want. You also get free web space to post your drawings and lifetime downloads of your purchased product.
    • Automatic Alignment and Formatting: It's a SNAP with SmartDraw
      One of the hardest parts in creating professional charts and drawings is getting all your lines and symbols properly aligned, but in SmartDraw getting perfect alignment is not only easy; it's automatic.
    • Powerful Text Formatting Tools
      Type and easily format text inside, or next to, any symbol or shape.
    • Automatic Connectors
      Automatic connectors—especially helpful when building org charts—come in many styles for many needs. These special lines keep shapes evenly spaced and arranged.
    • Printing
      SmartDraw empowers you with the ability to print anything from standard sizes to huge posters, and to print to scale.
    • Colors, Borders, Textures, and Other Effects
      Change the color of the symbols, lines, and background within your chart or diagram, and add a polished finish to your drawing with professionally designed color themes.
    • The Image Plug-In
      The SmartDraw Suite Edition includes an Image Plug-In that enables you to view, insert, and edit digital images from right inside SmartDraw.
    • Unlimited Drawing Area and Linking and Layering Drawings
      SmartDraw 7 has a virtually unlimited drawing area; even the most complex drawings can be created in SmartDraw.
    • Tables
      Easily build tables, which are particularly useful for creating timelines and business forms.


    Floor Plans

    Gantt Charts, Timelines & Calendars

    Org Charts

    Technical Diagrams


    Business Process Management


    Medical Diagrams

    Flyers & Newsletters


    Science Diagrams

    Sports Diagrams



    You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

    System Requirements
    • IBM-compatible PC with Windows® Vista, XP or 2000
    • 256MB RAM
    • 3GB free hard disk space

    US$197.00 SmartDraw Suite Edition

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