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  Schedule EZ Pro    

Schedule EZ , Team work software

Price: US$395.00 

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What is this Product?

ScheduleEZ was designed so that there is virtual no learning curve. Clear concise screens and simple one button clicks that automatically schedule all jobs, assigning only those who are qualified and available, making it so that even novice computer users can create efficient schedules in seconds.
For years, service oriented businesses have struggled with scheduling their jobs to meet the needs of customers, departments and employees in a timely manner. Often, tasks are missed, double-booked or worse, canceled, because of inefficient scheduling.

Click one button to have ScheduleEZ automatically match and schedule all jobs. ScheduleEZ will only schedule jobs to qualified and available crews/employees/departments etc. It will even match up locations and then provide daily driving directions and maps from one job to the next. All of this tremendously reduces needless drive time and fuel costs.

ScheduleEZ is also set up so that you define, who and/or what you are going to schedule. Do you schedule crews, departments, people, machinery, or all... whatever you schedule, ScheduleEZ handles all the schedules and assignments for you. Of course, you can always adjust, by simply dragging, dropping, cut, copy and pasting schedules.

When telephone lines are busy, tasks can be typed directly into scheduling screens and then turned into tasks later, even creating new customers at the same time. Nothing gets missed.
If you do reoccurring services, set all your schedules all at once. Tell ScheduleEZ what days, how many (who/what) you want schedule, even specify the week of the month and ScheduleEZ will do the rest.

Color code, assign icons and many more options ease labor involved in managing jobs/tasks, clients, departments and employees.
For companies that use QuickBooks, ScheduleEZ has made the synchronization process simple. Just set when you want it to synchronize and it will do it for you automatically OR use ScheduleEZ's built in invoicing to track client balances and payments. This will help make sure that balances are current before schedules commence.

ScheduleEZ PRO also keeps itself up-to-date. As customers request updates, those updates are automatically passed onto everyone who has purchased ScheduleEZ PRO.

Even saves more time by automatically synchronizing with popular accounting systems, such as QuickBooks.

  • Create unlimited Job types with unlimited steps for completion.
  • Define Jobs the way you do business;
  • Add unlimited steps to the Job;
  • Add unlimited attachments (documents);
  • Print work orders;
  • Invoice and track payments;
  • Color Code Jobs;
  • Drag tasks directly onto scheduling screens.
  • Map Job Locations
  • Automatically create customer from job;
  • Automatically updates QuickBooks


Click one button to auto schedule all unscheduled tasks/jobs and automatically match locations, qualifications, and availability. Then drag and drop to manage your resources. Create recurring schedules for as many people, to as many days of the week, week of the month (or any other period) for as long as you need.
Key features include:

  • One Button Auto Scheduling;
  • Click one button to route daily schedules with driving directions and maps.
  • Create recurring schedules;
  • Schedule only those resources that are qualified and available;
  • Schedule all or only selected tasks;
  • Schedule crews, individuals, machinery, departments... you decide;
  • Drag and drop schedules;
  • Drag to adjust time spans;
  • Cut, Copy and Paste schedules;
  • Type schedules directly into calendars;
  • Turn typed in schedules into jobs/tasks;
  • Color Code schedules;
  • Insert special icons into schedules;


Maintain customer information.
Key features include:

  • Track Job History;
  • Track Payment History;
  • Auto QuickBooks import/export.


Maintain all your cost information including account balances. Easily generate invoices.

  • Invoice for jobs at the click of a button;
  • Hours spent on jobs;
  • Track payments;
  • Auto QuickBooks import/export.

Setup and Security

Setup and configure the system based on the way you do business, all data values are editable. Manage user accounts and restrict access to any part of the program you deem necessary.
Key features include:

  • Create Job types based on your naming convention;
  • Create Skill types based on your naming conventions;
  • Create Holiday schedules based on your company preferences;
  • Create a locations for service areas or storage areas;
  • Create individual user accounts;
  • Create individual security options;
  • Import/Export Data;
  • Connect to multiple databases;
  • Easily upgrades to SQL SERVER 2000 and up.

These are just a few of the features that make ScheduleEZ PRO the BEST wide range scheduling software available. ScheduleEZ PRO is network ready.


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Service Management Solutions

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements

ScheduleEZ PRO is a true client/server program that uses Microsoft's SQL Server Express as it's database. An internet connection is required when installing the demo in order to download and install the server.
ScheduleEZ PRO will completely setup the server for you.


US$395.00  Schedule EZ Pro

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