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What is this Product?

ProjectTrack is a project management tool for Windows that allows you to manage and execute projects of all sizes while managing all your documents and collaborating with your team members.

Easy to setup, easy to use. With its intuitive smart interface, based on the Microsoft Office(tm) suite, you will be up and running in minutes. Furthermore, we have created a set of tutorials to get you started.

ProjectTrack's complete tracking solution allows you to create, manage and share to-do lists, action items, issues, risks, milestones and the myriad of details you have to work on. You will reduce your project administrative tasks, leaving you more time to actually manage.

Document Management. ProjectTrack integrated document management allows you to easily work with documents of any type. Now you don't need to remember where a document is located, using ProjectTrack powerful search engine you are in control. You can even email documents directly from ProjectTrack to your contacts or team members.

Share information and collaborate. You don't work in isolation and neither does ProjectTrack. Send emails to your contact directly from ProjectTrack, request status updates and export any information to PDF, or Word, or Excel.

ProjectTrack's spreadsheet mode allows you to enter data quickly, as you do with Excel, but faster and smarter. For example, instead of typing dates, you can type words like yesterday, tomorrow, monday, eom (end of month) and event do things like Monday + 7!

Client Related
  All Client details OK OK
  Departments OK OK
  Associated Documents OK OK
  Initiatives OK OK
  Locations OK OK
  People/Contacts OK OK
  People Skills OK OK
  Programs OK OK
  Projects OK OK
  Resources OK OK

Project Related
  All Project Details OK OK
  Action Items OK OK
  Change Management OK OK
  Associated Documents OK OK
  Issue management and resolution OK OK
  Mitigation Plan and Steps for Risks OK OK
  Project Journal OK OK
  Meetings OK OK
  Agenda and Decision tracking for Meetings OK OK
  Milestones OK OK
  Assigned People to projects OK OK
  Assigned Resources to projects OK OK
  Risk Management OK OK
  Teams OK OK

Data Export
  Export Grids to PDF (Acrobat) OK OK
  Export Grids to MS Word (as RTF) OK OK
  Export Grids to MS Excel OK OK
  Export Grids to HTML OK OK
  Export Grids to XML OK OK
  Export Grids to Text OK OK
  Export Grids to JPeg Image OK OK
  Export Reports to PDF (Acrobat) OK OK
  Export Reports to MS Word (as RTF) OK OK
  Export Reports to MS Excel OK OK
  Export Reports to HTML OK OK
  Export Reports to TXT OK OK
  Export Reports to JPeg Image OK OK

Reporting and Printing
  Print Preview OK OK
  Detail Reports OK OK
  Grid Reports OK OK
  Report Customization OK OK
  Inclusion of Company Logo in Reports OK OK
  Inclusion of Background Image in Reports OK OK
  Ability to assign individual logos to each client OK OK
  Ability to assign individual backgrounds to each client OK OK
  Report Export to PDF OK OK
  Report Export to MS Word OK OK
  Report Export to MS Excel OK OK
  Report Export to HTML OK OK
  Report Export to XML OK OK
  Report Export to Text OK OK
  Report Export to JPeg OK OK

Collaboration and Security
  Directly E-mail people and teams OK OK
  E-mail Templates OK OK
  User Management OK OK
  Application access secured with User ID and Password OK OK
  Password Recovery via secret question and answer OK OK
  Multi-User   OK
  Ability to create group of users   OK
  Security access levels for users and groups   OK

Database Related
  Automatic data backup OK OK
  Automatic data recovery OK OK
  Automatic database clean up OK OK
  Backup Restore OK OK
  Multi-User   OK

Document Management
  Assign documents to any type of Item OK OK
  Advanced Document Search OK OK
  Advanced Document Filtering OK OK
  Storage of documents as links OK OK
  Drag and Drop documents from anywhere OK OK
  Storage of documents in the database OK OK
  Ability to save documents stored in the database OK OK
  Email documents to a group of people and/or teams OK OK

Office Tools
  Integrated MS Calculator OK OK
  Calendar Browser OK OK
  Integrated MS Word Pad OK OK
  Integrated Application Launcher OK OK
  Integrated Contacts (Outlook compatible) OK OK
  Synchronization of Contacts with Outlook OK OK

Other Standard Features
  Update Manager - New versions get downloaded automatically OK OK
  Spell Check with more than 20 dictionaries available OK OK
  US and UK English Thesaurus OK OK
  Word Processor abilities OK OK
  Configure what type of client information you want to track OK OK
  Configure what type of project information you want to track OK OK
  Copy and Paste items and their children OK OK
  Use Copy and Paste to create and use Templates OK OK
  Menu customization OK OK
  Grid View OK OK
  Card View for clients and contacts OK OK
  My desktop view OK OK
  Auto preview in grids OK OK
  Auto Reference OK OK
  Advanced Filters OK OK
  Interactive filter OK OK
  Reading pane OK OK
  Opening of all types of documents from ProjectTrack OK OK
  Indications Management OK OK
  Tracking of Cost and Work OK OK
  Ability to assign colors, icons and styles to each item status OK OK
  Hide/Unhide Clients OK OK
  Hide/Unhide Projects OK OK
  Ability to enter data in spreadsheet mode OK OK
  Minimize to Tray OK OK
  Creation of items from the tray, while minimized OK OK

Projects Tab
Manage all your projects from a single location .
Using the hierarchical tree you can access each project's action items, documents, milestones, etc.
Click and right-click everywhere to reveal the actions you can perform on the item under your mouse.

ProjectTrack Today
Start you day knowing what needs to get done and the status of you projects, action items, issues, etc. You can configure the information displayed to mach the way you like to work.

iLore Inc.

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista
128 MB Ram
25 MB Free disk space

Buy Now US$139.99 Projecttrack


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