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What is this Product?

Minute man comes in 2 versions:

MinuteMan Project Management Software is a comprehensive, easy to learn, and inexpensive way to rapidly manage your projects. Use this software to manage large or small projects with up to 1,000 tasks.

MinuteMan has three views for entering and viewing the schedule. In addition, a Resource Tracking views shows how people's assignments and identifies over-loads. Follow the links below to see a detailed description of each view.

  • Outline View
  • Workflow (PERT) Chart View
  • Timeline (Gantt) Chart View
  • Resource Tracking

MinuteManPlus provides an easy way to manage multiple projects. It has all the features of the original MinuteMan to manage individual projects, with additional features to track across your projects and manage multiple projects at once. With MinuteMan Plus, you can manage up to 100 projects of 200 tasks each using the following additional features:

  • Cross-Project Summary View
  • Cross-Project TimeLine View
  • Cross-Project Report Generator
  • Cross-Project Resource Tracking
  • Generate Reports
  • Assign Resources
  • Customize the Calendar
  • Use on a Network
  • Print Charts Easily

Outline View

Workflow (PERT) Chart View

Click here to See more about : MinuteMan and MinuteManPlus

MinuteMan Systems

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
This program will run on Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP, and later platforms. It requires a Pentium or equivalent processor, 330MHz or greater. 20MB hard drive space is required, and a recommended RAM of 128MB or greater.

Buy Now US$49.95 MinuteMan

Buy Now US$99.95 MinuteManPlus


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