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Lucky Reminder, Reminder Software, Planner

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What is this Product?
024h Lucky Reminder is a convenient planner/reminder software for home and office. It is easy to create an event an get it fired at specified time. Stop missing important events in your life! A lot of advanced options available such as reoccurent events (weekly, monthly, daily, custom time interval), sound alarms, etc.
  • Create and edit events
  • Schedule time and day for event to run
  • Create one-time and reoccurent (daily, weekly, monthly, custom time interval) events
  • Set accompanying sounds and comments to event
  • Convinient interface and customizable view of main window
  • Create, save and load event lists
  • Load at startup option
  • Postpone firing event to run later
  • Test event at the time of creation
  • Run external program
  • Open URL
  • Shut down computer
  • Send message on network (either one computer or whole domain)
024h Software

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements
  • MS Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98
  • 1MB of disk space

US$15.95 Lucky Reminder

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