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What is this Product?

AccuPlan enables users to design a detailed, step-by-step plan of a project where tasks, labor and material resources are tightly coupled with time and budgets. With the project being visually represented in Gantt view or as a spreadsheet, users will instantly see the overall health of the project and have greater control over its shape. They will quickly identify allocation conflicts, under- and over-utilized resources and reorganize problem areas early on to ensure delay-free workflow to complete projects within budget.

It is simple to use, yet powerful and feature rich. It will let you carve the path to a successful project implementation and management, and let you optimize your time and resources. AccuPlan helps you effortlessly manage tasks, resources, budgets and timelines. Using visual Ques, graphs and reports, you will get a clear picture of the health of your projects. So that potential problems can be identified and remedied, early in the game. Accuplan shows project earned value and budget graphs, Laste start dates, critical path, and WBS charts.

Using visual ques, graphs, calendars, WBS view and reports, you will get a clear picture of the health of your projects.

It will help you identify problem areas so that you can make adjustments and experiment with "what-if" scenarios and get instant feedback on results.

  • Share project data among all stakeholders on any network.
  • Build your project in Gantt view or as a spread sheet like grid.
  • Free WBS (Work breakdown structure) view lets you visually create Task Hierarchies
  • New Free integration with Ms Outlook mail and Reminder/Calendar
  • Visually track of budgets and costs.
  • Drag and drop to easily create task dependencies in any direction
  • Automatically reschedule dependent tasks.
  • See on-screen constraints, milestones, and deadlines that give a clear picture at a glance.
  • Automatically calculate task and project durations based on number and availability of associated resources.
  • Automatically adjust to skip holidays, weekends, and other downtime.
  • View graphs of your resource allocations to identify under- and over-allocations.
  • Resolve allocation conflicts with a "Resource Gantt View."
  • Get up to speed fast with an intuitive interface that makes Accu Plan quick and easy to learn.
  • Exchange data with other Windows applications.
  • Import schedule data generated by other project management software, including MS Project.
  • Print out presentation-quality reports to any Widows-supported printer or plotter.
  • Output to a large selection of formats, including XML, Excel, MS Access, MS. Word, and HTML.

Charts and graphs makes project progress tracking easy.

Easy to use screens makes project setups easy.

Intuitive User Interfaces allow the users freedom to decide what items they want to see on the Gantt chart to give them a clear picture of the health of the project at a glance so that they can make intelligent decisions easily.

Easy to setup Projects and programs.

Assign and switch Resources and see their usage and availability on screen

Save a snap shot of the Gantt chart in HTML/jpg format, ready for web deployment.

Reporting progress and Actual costs in one easy step. Actual expenses can be setup to get populated from other data sources automatically.

WBS view makes it easier to visually create task hierarchy. Critical and summary tasks are displayed in color for visual identification.

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You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
Standalone and Client system
Operating System: Windows 98,Windows 2000, Windows XP.
Memory 256 K
Disk Space 30 Meg
Server Windows 2000,Windows 2000 server, Windows XP, Windows 2003
Database MS Access driver which is included in all windows platforms.
Note: If installing on windows 2003 server the application has to be installed at the server.

US$90.00 AccuPlan Professional Edition

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